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eNotify provides private and secure direct local notification for incoming email, phone calls, and battery and cellular data usage. Highly configurable, eNotify supports complex rules with custom alert sounds for different accounts, senders, subjects, recipient addresses, callers, battery events, and cellular data events. Easily silence day-to-day background noise and stay aware of those important emails and calls! Never worry about a low battery or running over on your data plan!
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Productivity $4.99 Varietas Software, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Want to be notified in a unique way when certain important emails arrive? Find yourself constantly checking your email each time that ding announces itself? Want to make sure an important phone call can pull you out of a meeting? With eNotify you can configure any of 150+ built-in custom audio alerts (including subtle professional tones as well as entertaining ones) to help you stay aware of important messages, and even purchase new tones in our market! In addition to the built-in sounds, you can add your own mp3 files via iTunes file sharing or record your own voice notice within the app for specific needs.

Unlike ALL the other "push email apps" which require you to forward all your email to their external servers or provide them with your email account login information, eNotify does it's work *entirely* on your device, working in the background. Your email is safe and your data never leaves your device. None of your information is ever sent elsewhere. Period.

In addition to email messages, users can connect eNotify to a VoIP phone service to help those important phone calls reach through the static. Special phone numbers can be configured to override the device silent switch, making sure that you respond when you need to.

The best way to configure eNotify is to set the standard Mail app to check Manually, with Push disabled, and to disable the built-in new mail sound. This allows eNotify to alert you when new mail arrives and the Mail app will download the messages when you open it. This conserves battery life and generally provides the best possible user experience.

* Starts and runs continually in the background as a service.
* Maintains constant email awareness.
* Provides "on call" priority to configured incoming phone numbers.
* Works with any VoIP service that allows 3rd party SIP connections.
* Works with all IMAP accounts. This *also* includes Exchange servers which have IMAP support enabled.
* Works with Exchange directly via Exchange Web Services (Exchange 2007/2010)
* Works with all POP3 accounts. Supports Yahoo, Hotmail, and more!
* Supports IMAP push email! Get your email notices immediately and without polling!
* Custom alert for messages marked as high priority!
* Supports scanning multiple IMAP folders for new messages. (Configurable in account setup window)
* Pick from one of the 150+ built-in sounds, add your own custom sounds via iTunes file sharing, or record your own alerts
* Set custom sounds for individual accounts, senders, subject key words/phrases, recipient key words/phrases, incoming calls, battery levels, and data usage
* Remove distraction by setting lower priority senders/callers, frequent spam phrases, or mail lists to ignore for later viewing.
* "Do Not Disturb" setting automatically silences all email notices during your configured time period.
* Configure certain alerts to override the device silent switch!
* Option to completely ignore, show only local notice (silently), or vibrate on alert, in addition to sound options.
* Completely private! Your data/email NEVER leaves your device!!

++ NOTICE: eNotify ONLY works on devices which support app multitasking! (No 3G or original touch) ++

NOTE: eNotify uses portions of the Open Source ReMail project as well as libetpan for IMAP email support. Special thanks to DINH Viet Hoa for his support in modifying the project to suit eNotify's needs.


Better than stock mail notifications

A bit buggy still. Repeat notifications does not work.

Doesn't work with Airwatch enabled BYOD devices

Rather than choose from the preconfigured email accounts on your phone, this app requires you to re-set them up again in the app. My exchange account is preconfigured by Airwatch, so I do not know the necessary information to set up the exchange account info for this. Waste of $4.99.

Good app

The app works well, setup with the exchange server was easy. Took a little bit to configure it the way I wanted it, but eventually got it working great. Lots of sounds to choose from is a plus. Only downside that is kind of annoying is the volume will randomly go all the way down so you can't hear the tones. Could be fixed with a patch.

Like it

Was a bit confusing to get setup, but seems to work for the most par. One thing to note, enotify currently doesn’t suppport repeat intervals for vibrate-only alerts. I have my repeating sound alerts to set to ‘4’ times, but it seems to only sound an alert once.

Not good

This app is not good, alerts do not work as configured.

Long-term User

I've been using this app for about two years. I had one problem and sent a message to the developer. He replied within 10 minutes, fixed the problem, and it's worked flawlessly ever since. Great app, responsive support. This has been worth more to me than I paid for it!


This app is one of the best email notifier with a lot of sounds. 5 star Best wishes Shoocooh

Never miss a notification

With this app running on the background I no longer miss any notifications. Works we'll with email, calendar, messages etcetera. Great app.

Excellent app and support

This app does exactly what it advertises and works extremely well. I was very impressed with the support - I had a question immediately after purchase and it was answered in about 10 minutes through email.

Love it

Very nice app

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