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Spanish Translator is an iPhone application that TRANSLATES ENGLISH WORDS AND PHRASES TO SPANISH, accurately. So when you use the application, you can be confident that you’re saying the right thing and . No guesswork. No sign language. No confusion. Once you download this application to your iPhone, you’ll have the Spanish translation of words and phrases at your fingertips.
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1. TRANSLATE ANY PHRASES. Translate any phrase such as I want to exchange dollars, Take me to the airport, Can you help me etc and translate them to Spanish

2. Bookmark your FAVORITE phrases.

4. Copy and paste from the app


6. Source can include many different languages like English, French, Japanese, German, Dutch etc.

7. Internet required


1. Text to Speech. Read the text version as WELL AS PLAY THE MP3 file for the translated phrase in Spanish, so you can be sure of pronunciation and meaning.

2. History of recent phrases translated. No repeat typing.

With this application, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when planning a trip. So, the next time you are in Mexico, Spain or anywhere they speak Spanish you will not be lost trying to get a taxi.

Max 10 queries per day on the Free - No Restriction in Paid


Writing tool

As a bi-lingual writer, your dictionary/thesaurus is invaluable.

Best translator app

I love this app. It's so easy to use. You can translate Englis to Spanish or just hit the swap button in the middle and you can translate Spanish to English. Love, love this app

The best app
love dayday

This app just saved my day

Great Communicator

lol, I can actually say, “I love this app!” I’m lol because I know the day is coming I’d have to explain no hablo espanol! I also like how designers chose not to deceive its users by displaying its FREE but after downloading later charging a fee. Tell me up front! Let me pick & choose....Gracias!


Great app and very easy to use

Cookie Wenches

Super easy to use and very helpful.

Not Free!

App makers really need to look up the meaning of free.. letting you translate 15 words and then wanting you to upgrade to a different version they charge you for before you can use it again IS NOT A FREE APP!

Love this app

I know some Spanish but I want to learn more, and this app helps me learn more words snd phrases. I work with our church and Hands of mercy to build homes in Mexico for people who don’t have proper shelter, we build between 4-6 homes in one day depending on how many volunteers we have sign up to go it takes about 17 people 10 of which are strong men to build the house snd lift the heavy wall panels, anyway we get the family we build for involved as much as possible snd it’s great to be able to talk with them and communicate. Love this app thx ???

Great Ap!
Larry D H

I live it. This app is easy to use and has been excellent for me to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English.

Amazing app
Lawrence Tuik

My subcontractor speaks very little English. This app helps me to communicate with him better. I never thought this would be possible, and it helps me to learn Spanish faster.



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