Encyclopedia of Airliners Reviews

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Encyclopedia of Airliners is paid iOS app published by Fragia Consulting s.r.o.

It's really cool

Ricardo Salcedo

This is actually a really cool app. It would be better if it also had the seating charts of each plane

Nice app


This app is really nice. Good comparison between aircraft. Recommend it.

Best app ever!!


Has all info of airliners and when i emailed them they replied and fixed the issue!

I'd pass


This is more like a "lite" or free app. They don't even have the 707, 727, or L1011. Would it been that hard to start at the beginning of the passenger jet age? I'd say, save your money. It's not worth $2.00

Pretty good start


I would like to see a wider variety of planes and more pictures but it looks good as a start. Look forward to the updates

Abandoned by developer?


Outdated, e.g., missing Airbus A350. No app updates in three years nor for their so-called Pro version! Web site not in English.