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Business Free Swipeclock LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

For employers, using the SwipeClock online time and attendance system.
Track employees' attendance on-the-go with the Employee Status Utility. You’ll quickly see if employees are clocked IN, OUT, called in sick, on vacation or otherwise. View employees' complete time card and schedule for the pay period. Tracking your employees' attendance behavior has never been more convenient.

The Employee Status Utility offers a variety of user-friendly features to help employers manage employees, including:

- Color coded employee list to indicate IN, OUT, or other pay category status
- Quick access to employees' time card and schedule
- Filter by IN, OUT, Department, Location, Supervisor
- Employee information for each staff member
- Refresh status view
- Simple, intuitive navigation
- View 25 to 200 employees at a time

Staff coverage

The Employee Status Utility enables supervisors to remotely ensure staff levels are adequately covered at any point throughout the work day.


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