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Empires of Sand TD - Egypt War is free iOS app published by Digital Things Sociedad Limitada

Good game


Fun but a little confusing

Performance issues


CRASH CRASH CRASH ! For weeks now, this game has been crashing upon opening the app. I have not been able to receive my daily awards due to this issue. 5+ time it takes to open this game .. FIX it. Then I will change my review.


yazdan alivand

I love this game specally ISIS

Used to be a great game but now every time I open it it crashes immediately.


Used to be a great time but, every time I open it it crashes.

Would rate 5 stars IF these alterations were considered


I’ve read a few of the one star reviews on this game, and my god, people can be condescending. All of the problems addressed in those are absolutely nothing to be rating the game one star for. In a nutshell, the game combines elements of other TD games, like Bloons or what have you, with elements of city building games, namely clash of clans. It’s fairly simple to grasp the concept, and I really enjoy the Egyptian theme of it all. Really unique idea. It’s a great time, and i see myself playing it for at least the next year to come. I have only one problem with this game, but it is major, and that is the time needed to wait for things. Past the point where your town is level 2, you are thrown into waiting times upwards of a day. Then two, then three. Now with the town center, I can understand a long waiting period, but the exponential increase is absolutely halting, and makes progress impossible unless you’d like to buy gems, which cost a whole bunch compared to other games. But I’m not here to complain without a solution offered. If I were the developers, I would just shorten the waiting times by half of what they are now. The increase is so dramatic that I can see a lot of customers walking away due to it. I guarantee you, shortening the waiting times will keep a lot of people interested. It’s like a relationship. When you enter one, you can’t move too fast, or else everything will come crashing down and you’ll be overwhelmed, however, if you drag things out too long, your significant other will become uninterested and leave. The latter is how I think a lot of people feel about this game. There needs to be a balance. This game is great, but I urge the developers to lower the upgrade times by a fraction, especially in the earlier levels. Everything else about this game is great.



I enjoy playing. It is not a fast paced game but that is right up my alley.

Сервер игры захвачен читерами


The developers use this game to get money only. Too much bags. Some players can control the game better than the developers. С 6.01.2018 г. сервак захвачен читером Molenium! Все результаты соревнований между игроками удалены, при этом новым лидером стал Molenium. Appstore должен забанить эту игру, т.к. разработчик больше не контролирует игру, и можно теперь нахватать вирусов! Ничего не покупайте!!! Для вашей безопасности!