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eMap UVA : University of Virginia

The ultimate collection of electronic maps for the University of Virginia including
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Navigation $0.99 Daniel Earman iPhone, iPad, iPod

1) UVA Grounds: A map showing all the UVA buildings, dorms, sports arena's, parking lots, fraternities and sororities…
2) UVA Greek Map: A map showing all the fraternities and sororities at UVA.
3) UVA Parking Map: A map showing parking lots including details on football and basketball parking restrictions
4) Monticello Map: A map of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. This map includes links to virtual tours of Monticello.

This application includes capabilities to:
- Show turn by turn driving or walking directions to the selected annotation.
- Select any annotation to get the direction and distance from your current location.
- Select an annotation to get detailed information including the address, a description including related pictures, historical information, links to additional information on associated Websites, a Streetview Image (if available), and links to reviews of nearby restaurants and businesses.
- Show maps in standard, satellite and hybrid format.
- Search and filter annotations by name
- Customize maps with your own annotations. These custom annotations will automatically display the geolocation address, a Streetview image (if available), links to reviews of nearby restaurants and businesses, and property information from Zillow (if available).
- Create new maps with your own custom annotations.

This eMap application is a perfect companion for students or visitors to the University.

1) The application is currently and will always remain Ad free!!!!
2) The application is a universal application that is customized to take advantage of both the iPhone and iPad devices

Thanks for all the positive feedback I have received!!!! Please send any additional questions, issues or suggestions to [email protected] I am anxious to improve and enhance the application based on your needs and feedback.


This app stinks

Using icons without showing the outline of a building is a bad idea--e.g., this app would be useless when navigating the tangle of buildings on the fine arts section of grounds. Using the hybrid helps correct that somewhat, but too many features are unlabeled--Newcomb Hall (the student center) and the University Bookstore are two glaring omissions. The parking map is similarly unhelpful; where is the parking garage near Culbreth Theater? And if you are going to indicate where food and drinks can be found, label all the locations, not just the ones apparently paying you for advertising. This app is worse than useless--it could actually help you get more lost than you were when you opened it.

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