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As you are a brave commando and you know how to face the enemies that attack on your headquarter and try to snatch your assets. What you have to do in your game is that in the first mission you have been given a task to kill the enemies that are ten in the strength and all are laces with the modern weapons and also they have guns to attack on you and your army base. Try. Try to fulfill your mission in this game as you are a brave commando and you do not frightened from any one. You will land by the helicopter and start killing your in front commandos. If you successful in killing them then you will be promoted to next level with the reward. In the next level you will come with the jeep and weapons that are never ever you see. Start destroy all the things that try to harm or stop you from your purpose. Basically it is a army base camp and you have given responsibility to kill those who do not care of you.you are the only commando that has unlimited bullets with you and also a potential power with you. So,Get up and start finishing your enemies. In the last level you have a choice of helicopter shooting as you have power of using heli in this level to destroy the enemies tanks ,helicopter,jeep and all their assets that they have brought to attack on you. Helicopter will help you.This game has following features that are different from others game that are available on the play store.
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Games Free Ahmed Ali Malik iPhone, iPad, iPod

- FPS (First Person Shooter) Control with the Joystick and touchable control to walk anywhere where you want.
- Attractive Sound effect with handling the enemies die sounds and also when they attack on you.
- Graphics are the best that effect on the game performance.
- Unlimited ammo pack.
- Many challenging mission to clear.
- Gunship helicopter to attack on the commandos.
- Detract commandos by the radar.
- Sniper view to kill the commandos.


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