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Elephant Dance

Enjoy your very own dancing elephant!
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Games Free Gremlin Software Ltd iPhone, iPad, iPod

This app is part game and part music application, featuring drum beats and a 3D animated elephant character who dances to them...

* 2 rhythm mini-games - repeat the beats and watch the elephant dance to them. Tap orbs for bonuses.

* 1 arcade "log jump" mini-game - jump logs as they roll towards the elephant at random speeds, being especially careful of the slow and fast ones. Once again, don't forget to tap orbs for bonuses.

* Free-style drum improvisation mode, play drum-beats and dance in a non-game environment - fun for younger children.

* Drum machine mode - create a 4-track drum sequence by tapping on the orange cubes and watch the elephant dance as the cubes glow like disco lights, highlighting the beat.

This app is best experienced in portrait orientation, but also playable in landscape orientation.

Have fun and enjoy the FIFTH release from Gremlin Software!

Gremlin Software,
New Plymouth,
New Zealand



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