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Which a boy or a girl doesn't dream of being in a real circus! It's a real fairy tale for children, a mysterious, magical and unique! Who wouldn't like to see a cheerful smile of a clown, fantastic tricks of acrobats, amazing dexterity of jugglers? However, the most amazing is animal trainers! The largest circus artists are elephants. They are very smart, strong and they have a trunk!
Take a part in the real circus! In this game you have to control a trained elephant on a unicycle. It is a great and kind elephant! Sometimes children jump into the arena; you need to throw them candy to make them happy! You will find something similar nowhere else! Help the elephant to make the show unforgettable!
HOW TO PLAY: It's very easy! Just tap the button JUMP to jump or the button CANDY to throw a candy to curious children.

Funny circus music
Colorful cartoon graphics
For all ages


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