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Either is the largest online game of "would you rather" questions.
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Games Free One Mighty Roar, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

The Either app helps you deal with life's hardest questions pulled from our website: www.either.io.

This version is ad-supported. Buy the $0.99 app for an ad-free experience! Find it here: http://appstore.com/Either

You can now answer some of life's most challenging "would you rather" questions, such as:

* Be a mermaid or a centaur?
* Only date people with severe OCD or chain smokers?
* Know what really happened at Area 51 or receive $1 Million?

You're going to find out what type of person you really are. And the best part? You can do this anywhere because we're nice enough to provide you with a mobile app. You're welcome.

**Set up an account for access to adult questions, ability to comment, submit questions, and keep track of answered (no repeats!).


Good game, but some problems
Super bomb25

When I got this game it was great, but whenever I try to connect to Facebook, the game just crashes. I like this game but I want to be able to connect to Facebook.

A lot of bugs
Barthalamule Von D'Wark

Whenever I try to look at my profile, the only thing that shows up is the logout button and it’s halfway down the screen so I know there is supposed to be other stuff showing up. Trying to leave questions and comments is laggy and sometimes just won’t work.


what’s wrong with a bowl cut 😡

Eternal Flame YT

The questions get repeated

Wow do better
Jake 685

Bro it’s so crappy raisist and sexist

Not a good app
Sage Eden

•the questions repeat •too many ads • I am not paying to just remove the ads

It’s fine

I don’t see what people are complaining about 1. The censor seems to work fine(from what I’ve seen) 2 questions only repeat occasionally but it’s not that big of a deal 3 rarely get ads

Worse than hotdog water.

This game is homophobic, racist, and sexist. Honestly I wouldn’t expect this out of a game that was made so recently. There’s such a small pool i questions. Also, the game is rated 12+ but some of the questions would belong in a 17+ game.

These weird questions

The questions are racist and disrespectful and disgusting.It also asked a question about “eating human remains of their body”.Also racist ones and “would you rather only have Atheists or Christians in this world”.


There are not a lot of really good questions but its okay for some fun if you want to play alone or with friends. The only thing I HATE is that there is this one add that keeps popping up and it causes me to have seizures.