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Either is the largest online game of "would you rather" questions.
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The Either app helps you deal with life's hardest questions pulled from our website: www.either.io.

There's always a free, ad-supported version as well! Find it here: http://appstore.com/EitherFree

You can now answer some of life's most challenging "would you rather" questions, such as:

* Be a mermaid or a centaur?
* Only date people with severe OCD or chain smokers?
* Know what really happened at Area 51 or receive $1 Million?

You're going to find out what type of person you really are. And the best part? You can do this anywhere because we're nice enough to provide you with a mobile app. You're welcome.

**Set up an account for access to adult questions, ability to comment, submit questions, and keep track of answered (no repeats!).


I mean you tried……
The very dissapointed girl

The game itself is fun but the questions are kinda boring.I was hoping for something more intense because on YouTube they make it look fun,interesting,and intense.But when I got the game BOOM!Its so different!Maybe it’s the computer version that’s better……too bad I dont know how to use a computer.I don’t even have one!Anyway,you could try to add some updates to the game.thx bye!

My money

Instead of taking 99cents THEY TOOK $5.00 😑

Needs an update

iPhone 5 support quick!

Don't be fooled
Kakos 1992

You think you get have some fun by submitting questions. But all they do is say pending review and never use them. I've had mine waiting for weeks and weeks, going on months. They are too busy approving perverted sexual questions (and that's putting it lightly). It's the most good looking, unprofessional app I've ever seen

Good, but could be better.

I have fun with this app, but it sure could use an update to support iPhone 5 display. Otherwise, I like it!

They said question never repeat

But I kept getting the same questions over and over. Do not spend your money on this app.

iPhone 5 support pronto
The guy who lives at home

Good app but needs iPhone 5 support

Good luck submitting...

Submitted my own questions, they've been "Pending Review" for 9 months. Did the developer stop supporting the app?

don't bother

The app itself is fine, but all of the questions are pretty weak. The point of "would you rather" is to take two ridiculous things you would never ever want to do and put them against each other. Instead this app asks if you want to be a math teacher or a history teacher. Also, the questions are written assuming the user is a white Christian heterosexual male and uses sexuality gender and religion as a joke, but it's not funny.


I want my dollar back. Stupid nasty questions.