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Echofon is the fastest, most powerful Twitter app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and the ONLY free app with Push Notifications and Inline Photo Previews!
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Lightning Fast. Super Powerful. Simple to Use. Echofon is wrapped in a beautiful, clean interface that delivers a punch featuring Twitter Site Streams, real-time Push Notifications and powerful extras to enable you to manage your busy social media life on Twitter.



+ Site Streams deliver tweets in real-time!
+ LiveLinks on your timeline take you instantly to detailed content
+ Threaded Conversation Mode simplifies exchanges with your Twitter followers
+ Tweet over 140 characters with our proprietary tweet extender
+ Mute select users, hashtags and other nuisances within your Twitter timeline
+ Access ALL your Twitter accounts simultaneously


+ Delivered instantly and natively to all your iOS devices
+ Enable any or all events including Mentions, Direct Messages, Follows, Favorites and Retweets
+ Set QUIET MODE for times you do not want to receive notifications
+ Receive notifications as either iOS alerts or banners
+ Enable sounds and badges as you prefer
+ Select from six custom alert sounds
+ This is NATIVE push from Twitter… no external apps or services required


+ Images are previewed within your Twitter timeline
+ Full-size images open instantly in-app
+ Supports the most popular services including Instagram and YouTube
+ Capture and tweet rich media directly from Echofon or load existing media from your iOS device


+ Search nearby tweets with Maps integration
+ Personalize Echofon by choosing from 6 custom themes
+ Select a read later service from Instapaper, Readability or Pocket
+ Refine the location of your tweets sent with our Location Picker


Echofon also affords you the full Twitter functionality you would expect from an award winning Twitter app including robust tweet creation, trending topics, list management and Twitter profile editing features.

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customizable tab bar?

the app is old style not many customization options. the tab bar is rigid, few options if you long press a tab.. I would remove the mentions and messages tabs but I can't. I can not manage my lists and put them on the tab bar..

¡Fix The App Problems!.

¿Why I delete what I have saved in History, do not leave all the accounts that I follow and the Hashtags that remain recorded do not leave either?.

Needs work

Used to be my preferred Twitter client, but no longer. The bugs go unaddressed. Can't view likes on a tweet. Doesn't show all of the comments on tweets with lots of replies. Updates are few and far between.

Good with Lists Bug

Overall a solid app that I like more than the generic app. My only gripe is in my actual lists, I only see direct tweets. It does not show retweeted content by the people in my list. Y tho?

Used to be my favorite Twitter client.
Amy Praying

I used to love this app! I still want to. But now direct messages are not selectable. The most recent two load in the list, but tapping on them does nothing. Pretty worthless if you want to be able to message someone.

Makes me sad to say this...

Yet another spam window popped up while I was using Echofon for iOS 11. Did the same in 10. I have a screenshot if there’s a developer who wants to see it. So long farewell Echofon.


- Can’t vote on polls - Can’t see some videos that I can see when I use the “official” Twitter app

Love buuut

Love this app. But is it possible to mute tweets that have a certain word in them?


Why am I seeing tweets from yesterday or 7 hours ago or 5 hours ago? And repeats? I just want to see what’s been recently posted? So annoying. Please fix this? Whole point is to get up to date news/tweets. If it happened hours ago, I probably already have seen or heard about it. And if I’ve read it, why would I want to read it again?!


Tweets appear in chronological order and start at the first unread tweet, 👍🏽. Latest update signed me out and won’t let me sign back in. Can’t view threads, can’t see quoted tweets that mention you while in app.