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Eat, Bunny, Eat!

"Brilliant little app. If you can't enjoy this you should get a doctor to check your pulse, you might be dead!!!..." - Customer Review (UK)
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Games $0.99 Lima Sky iPhone, iPad, iPod


Get this game and find out why "EEET BUNNNY EEEEET!!!!!" is becoming the latest catchphrase among the iPhone owners.

Kids love it, grown-ups can't stop playing it, and moms approve. It is super addictive and silly with funny sounds and cute graphics.

How to play:
Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to move the bunny and catch the falling carrots. However, beware of the falling cans! To pause the game simply double tap the screen. Tap once to resume.

This simple, cute, and addictive game is suitable for all ages. It starts off slowly, which makes it accessible to the youngest players and then speeds up as the time goes so that it provides enough challenge for the more experienced gamers.

Have fun!





haha, this game is cool!

Very cute!

I love this game! It is super cute!

Cute and simple

Love something like this when I don't want to think too much and I don't feel like shooting or blowing something up in a game.

So simple, and so fun!

Cute graphics. That poor bunny! My kids love it too!


It takes a while to get used to it but by the time you do it's a very fun game at the right price

Mathews iTunes

Nuf said

Great game
Will 87

Simple and fun, great for all ages.

Wwe Adam

This game is awesome!!!!!

My kids love it

Cute game with good execution. I just wish the developer would stop playing games with the updates. It seems to me he is just "updating" to keep the release date recent. The last 3 update or so have been "code tweaks", "graphics tweaks", and "bug fix"... possibly true, but annoying none the less. Considering that the developer has 19 apps, most of which have been updated in the last week or so, I'm a little suspicious. Thanks for the cute game, tho.

Love it!

Eat bunny eat!!! Great game definitely get it