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Earnings Alert: Stock Earning Calendar

A comprehensive all-in-one Earnings tool letting you easily check earnings of stocks in US markets with interactive Calendar (single day or customized date range), Real-Time Advanced Quotes (pre & after market quotes), unlimited watch-lists showing the next Earnings Dates of all stocks therein, add upcoming ER events to your device's calendar and automatically set alarms, view Earnings History with Rev/EPS chart, in-depth stock research, powerful Multi-Chart View & Charted Sector View. Plus, quickly filter earnings of S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, or your own Watch-lists stocks with one tap. Never miss what you want to watch!
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Finance Free Mobile Interactive LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Earnings season is here! This app concentrates everything you want to watch for earnings and is the ONLY app that displays available next earnings dates of All stocks in your 100% customized watch-lists with Real-Time advanced quotes; It is also the ONLY app that offers Earnings Calendar and Watch-lists grouped in charted sector view! Discard your pencil and notepads and No More searching and writing down earnings dates one by one! Just create your own watch-list, add whatever you are interested to the list, and Bingo! Next Earnings Dates are neatly presented in front of you. With one tap, you can add events to your device's calendar with preset alarms. When the event date approaches, you will automatically get reminders.

Earnings Calendar are grouped into "Before market open", "During market hours", and "After market close". With one touch, you can also choose to group your calendar into sectors and a pie chart with percentage will automatically summarizes the composition of earnings calendar for you! Earnings History presents you the date, quarter, EPS, Revenue, Guidance, analyst estimates, and the surprise. The app specially prepares you a full-screen Revenue or EPS chart. (Bar/Line)

A special Stock Research is prepared for you. Real time quotes and stock chart with 40+ technical indicators, chart types, date ranges are offered. Adjust the parameters and enlarge the chart to full-screen for detailed study. Don't forget to read Stock News and view Insider Transactions of the stocks as well.

Additionally, create and manage unlimited watch-lists. The powerful watch-lists allow to group contents into Charted Sector View and exhibit a LIST of fully customized Charts (Multi-Chart View)! Create, modify, rename, sort, and delete watch-lists within seconds. With one glance, not only can you get the whole picture (price, change, change %, bid, bid size, ask, ask size, OHLC, volume) of what you group into a watch-list, but also filter the earnings of any selected date range by your watch-lists. Any symbol not on your watch-lists will be excluded, thus it's convenient to pay attention to the earnings events of your "favorite" and "interested" stocks. Watch-list is so convenient that your market watching and researching become well organized and efficient.

■ Interactive Calendar
■ Real Time Advanced Quotes
■ Pre and After market Quotes
■ History & Styled Revenue / EPS Chart
■ Watch-lists with Next Earnings Dates
■ Charted Sector View
■ Multi-Chart View
■ Adds Earnings Date to iPhone / iPad / iPod Calendar and automatically alarms when the ER event approaches.
■ View only S&P500 / Nasdaq 100 stocks in Earnings Calendar.
■ View only stocks of your Watch-lists in Earnings Calendar!

■ Real-Time Advanced Quotes (change, change %, bid, bid size, ask, ask size, open, high, low, close, volume)
■ Stock Chart
■ 40+ Technical Indicators, various Chart Types & Date Ranges, pre-sets, etc.
■ Insider Transactions
■ Stock News

■ Candle Stick
■ Based on close / typical / weighted / median close price
■ OHLC (open, high, low, close)

■ Accumulation/Distribution
■ Average True Range
■ Bollinger Band Width
■ Donchian Channel Width
■ and Many More.....

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Stay away
Eastvillboy NYC

I bought this app and it never updated for me. I could never get the FULL VERSION I paid for. The guy tried to help but was too cheap to just sort it out. You can find this info anywhere.

Excellent resource

Very useful adjutant for making a trade. I love it and I think it’s one of the best app out there.

Could be better

Seems cumbersome. The goal would be to make an earnings calendar or news calendar for stocks in lists I created. Just NOT easy to do

Missing data

STMP earnings came out 3 hours ago. No shown in app.

Restore purchase function doesn’t work

I already purchased the upgrade. The restore purchase function doesn’t work.

Not so good

Not a very good app. Doesn’t include many companies even large ones

Went from $15 one time to $200 a year

I bought this app for $15 and used it all the time. Then there was an update and I no longer have premium

jjjqwete gagged got

junk keeps bugging users to rate it b4 they even try it ok


You can get ten times more info by just using Google. Worthless app. Not even worth free. If they paid me I still wouldn’t use this app. The developers really need to find a different career path because they are awful at what they do. Am I being too subtle?

Don’t pay because they charge on different version

Every time the developer updates the app, they can charge you for new features and your old purchased functions will NOT be available anymore. I am out. It happened and the developer’s reply is against the fact.

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