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Early Lingo French - Total Immersion foreign language learning for children

Early Lingo’s French App is a fun and exciting way for children to learn French vocabulary and simple phrases. Characters Jojo and Lulu bring French lessons to life in their adventures in the Park and on the Farm, as children learn through play. Interactive games follow each lesson, reinforcing and strengthening vocabulary.
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Education $1.99 Early Lingo, Inc. iPad

Main topics:

- Colors
- Shapes
- Numbers
- Animals
- Park and Farm

Main features:
-80+ words!
- lessons using the total immersion method (no translation)
- easy-to-use, kid-friendly games
- high definition animation
- video clips
- original music
- native speakers


- Early Lingo is a playful approach to learning.
- The interactive game allows young children to become familiar with a foreign language through immersive and repetitive learning techniques.
-The use of playful animation and live-action video create a stimulating visual context.
-The Early Lingo Series is the first of its kind, offering a solid foundation in learning foreign languages. With frequent exposure any child will be able to speak with no accent and familiarity.
-Early Lingo uses the Total Immersion Method, a method that immerses the child immediately into the target language with no use of translation.
-Early Lingo uses native speakers who articulate, speak slowly and use comprehensible words and phrases that are easy for the child to understand.
-Children can learn a foreign language in their own home at any given time, an easy and convenient learning experience for all.

About Early Lingo

The award-winning Early Lingo DVD Program gives young children a solid foundation in a second language through an animated and live-action adventure series.

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“A young mind is wired to learn any language without accent as a child is capable of imitating any sound.” - Prof. Alissa M. Webel, Georgetown University

“It’s such a wonderful gift to our children to expose them to multiple languages at a young age when they’re so receptive to new language development. Early Lingo is a terrific and creative way to stimulate the young brain, and to set the stage for mastering new sounds and speech.”
-Dr. Lee Miller, FAAP


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