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Dynasty Legends:Warriors Unite

Brand new 3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends is coming!
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One versus Thousands, super immersive battle experience.
Create your legend NOW!

Dynasty Legends is a revolutionary Action RPG mobile game. You can experience the most exciting battles and stunning visuals on your phone. The world is in the flame of war. People are crying for a HERO to save them, and you’re ready for it. Hack & slash to crush thousands of enemies in a single fight. Your time has come!

【Game Features】

Intense Battle Mode
One Versus All! Smash your enemies like mowing grass on your mobile phone. Fast battle pace, control your heroes to cast their unique skills. Wipe out thousands of enemies with a single hit!

Various Game Modes
Real-time Co-op and PVP, intense battles. Evade, block and counter attack. Your enemies & allies are all over the world. Can you be the hero of all heroes?
Giant Boss fight. Hunt them down with your outstanding control! No one can hold you back even the demons!
9V9 real-time PVP, fight alongside your friends and dominate the arena.

Legendary Heroes
More than 50 heroes from ancient battlefields are waiting for your command. Every hero has their own way to fight, choose wisely! Hero awakening mode, transform into God or Devil, unleash infinite power!

Ultimate Game Experience
Designed for mobile phones. Smooth control, realistic hit reactions, stunning visual effects and high quality 3D graphics. It will take you back to the real ancient battlefield.

Customize Freely
Exquisite costumes and gorgeous wings for every hero. You’re not only the strongest but also the coolest.

Summon Mighty Mounts
They are your most loyal buddies and powerful fighting partners. The mighty mounts are ready to fight alongside you.

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Fun game but one small issue

I got pushed back outside of barricade and couldn’t get back in to fight the general in 2-5 femme fatale main quest minor glitch to let you guys know to see if you can fix that. But overall fun game keep up the good work! Edit: I found out what it was almost got stuck out again but lucky enough to have a ability strike dash but anyway if use a ability that does a strike dash towards the barricade while the general is near it you get outside of the barricade and have a chance to get stuck without being able to get back in. Heads up for you developers. thank you


The game pretty cool, and if if you like dynasty warriors the game will be fun to kill time.

Stability issues- don’t waste your money
Iong time player

Don’t waste your $$$

English Voice Acting is annoying
Lost Dream~iPhone

So annoying I tried to change it as fast I could but there was no option for the Chinese voices with subs. I just can’t play like that and the story is what’s the most important for me. The game play was pretty good though.

EG Impacted

This game doesn’t even work. It makes you use the tutorial even after you’ve figured it out and I can’t even send my second officer which I so called “unlocked” into battle so my BR isn’t high enough and I can’t navigate anywhere because of the tutorial so I’m stuck. Will never play this on the phone again

Love it

Love this game


I love dynasty warriors

Absolutely amazing

Really great job with this game

Chó Đực


Takes me back to dynasty 3 childhood

I don’t where to start I’m almost absolutely smitten with this game, I enjoy the little story line that’s going on. The game slows down a few times and you gotta explore other areas of the game to obtain experience to progress in the story mode. But it isn’t that terrible. I enjoy that the characters you acquire during the game you may change into if you wish to have a different that’s pretty neat I think. However my one complaint is there are certain characters that are locked and say “stage drop” I really wish there was info in game on where to farm the select character I’d really enjoy “xiahou yun” in my list... There’s a select few games that I really enjoy via mobile but this one is definitely one I appreciate it takes me back to my childhood. Litterally the only thing that would make this game better honestly is two things a smarter AI when you auto play. And character customisation. Thank you to the developers Geuvaden dynasty

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