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Introducing the New Dunkin’ Donuts app—built to keep you runnin’ even faster. Download to enjoy:
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Food & Drink Free Dunkin' Donuts iPhone, iPad, iPod

Use the app to pay for all your purchases. You can either add a plastic card or purchase a virtual card via the app. Simply tap the DD Card you wish to use and present the barcode to the DD crew member to be scanned, and you’re good to go. You can also manage and reload your DD Card right from the app.

At participating locations, DD Perks members can use the New Dunkin’ Donuts app to order ahead and skip the line in store. Want even more speed? Save frequently ordered items and nearby locations as favorites in the app.

Earn a free beverage when you sign up for DD Perks. Earn points by paying with your enrolled DD card and redeem for rewards and offers right from the app.

PLUS: The fastest way to Dunkin’ comes to you first. In select stores only, DD Perks Members can now order ahead with On-the-Go Ordering. Simply tap to order, skip the line in store, and go! You can even order up to 24 hours in advance, save your favorites & reorder them with a tap.

You never know where or when you’ll need to find a Dunkin’. So if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, fire up the store locator to find the nearest one. You’ll be runnin’ in no time.

Find classics and new favorites, as well as nutritional information on everything we make.

Purchase a virtual card on the app and add it to your apple wallet.

Please note: Mobile payment is only good at participating U.S. Dunkin’ Donuts locations.



it’s pointless in making on the go orders if i can’t even order my coffee. i get a vanilla swirl caramel swirl but there is no option on the app to do both. i get dunks everyday so the on the go would have been helpful but cause there is no way to do this, it makes my mornings that much harder. ridiculous.

Bad design

The app requires you to put money on a card or virtual card before ordering anything, including signing up for rewards. I don’t like to pay via apps or online, I prefer to pay in-house but want my rewards.

Stole $70 from me!

I tried to set up an account using this horrible app. To complete your account you must add money to it. I tried to use Apple Pay ($25) and it said it wouldn’t go through so I tried again, same result. Then I tried $10 thinking $25 was too much. Again, declined. Figured it was some safety feature with cc so stopped trying. Was very surprised when I received my cc statement to see all three charges did go through. In every other world when a CC is declined the company doesn’t still charge the CC. Tried again after seeing the charges for $10 to see if it was some bug. Yep, card declined on the app yet CC charged. Fix your bugs and stop stealing money.

Reward barcode

The free reward bar code is not easily accessible when paying more so there are two separate bar codes to find

Business model
Your middy

Love the app for the fact that my order is ready when I arrive and my area is covered well by the app. I don’t like to have to upload money onto my account. I would rather pay as I go whenever I order. Having to upload money always leaves a balance, which you’d want to add more money too in order to spend it or risk losing a few cents and dollars. Haven’t been using the app as much since I don’t want to upload money to the card

No deals

There haven’t been deals in the app for months. I’ve been going to my local coffee shop instead.

Doesn’t always work!

Cannot always share rewards! There is no way to check to see if your rewards were added to your existing rewards.

Error unable to complete request. Plz try again

I have 2 gift card codes that are supposed to work and won’t work in the app. It says internal server error on my husband’s end.


It never wants to let me add the $2 Tmobile Tuesday gift cards just shoots out random errors every single time. When I try to do it on the website it won’t even let me log in “system error.” GOOD LUCK getting a human on the phone with their phone system without waiting for 30 minutes. Dunkin has to have on of the worse customer service set ups out there. I can call Starbucks and have someone on the phone in 3 minutes.

Not the best

I only use this app for the rare free beverage. It barely ever works, never updates your balance (you think you have more money on your card than you think, even after you refresh the balance), it never updates the perks, Togo ordering doesn’t work about once a week. You would think they would get their act together by now.