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Dungeon Survivor II

Official sequel of classic popular adventure game Dungeon Survivor.
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Dungeon Survivor II – Dark Tide is a simulation and dungeon adventure game.

This time, you will lead your daring mission to the no-man’s land, have an unexpected fantasy adventure in the

ancient and mysterious continent.

Story of the World
- Be the Ruler of the Sanctuary, the eschatological Manor, guide your people and warriors to fight against the

fallen Country.
- Upon the journey, you’ll encounter different people.
Will you draw out the sword or reach out your hand? That is for you to decide.
- Little, helpless and pathetic humans gather together to battle against the Black Tide.
Every decision you make is of vital importance.

Class & Adventure
- 6 main Classes with more than 50 sub-classes, each with unique personality.
- Easy but flexible team formation, Mixed? All Melee? All Mages, whatever you like.
Your Imagination is the only limit.
- Diverting strategy setting, play a sure card and win the battle!
- Vicious creatures, quirky traps, weird strangers-the world is always full of accidents and surprises.
- Find the powerful Monster and beat them up!

Battle & Speed
- Real-time PVP with hand control. let’s duke it out in the Arena!
- Heading to the leaderboard for the CROWN!
- Marching on the Lost Castle and unlock the Arena!

Classic placing and gain mode
- No pains but gains
Place and gain resources every time you enter the game.
- Wit and adroit like you, even with limited resources, can definitely build up a prosperous Manor.

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Pretty neat!

I like it

Great but needs fine tuning

The game itself is fast paced, easy to learn, and fun to play. Love the resurrection feature - an excellent addition to the game. For a ftp game, this one exceeded expectations. As has been noted in several other reviews, the English translation really needs work so if you are a person who likes to read the backstory/dialogue this is not a good fit for you. However, I’ve found you can skip most of it and still be fine. Also, the game graphics can be a bit dark at times, especially when you first start. This clears up a bit once you familiarize yourself with the layout of the game.

Really fun classic rpg
CK Morgan

You can have hours of fun without spending tons of real money just to survive. Great fun!

Like Mordor,

I’ve been looking for a game like this for a while.


The game is great and it doesn’t pressure you to use real money if you want to win the game. I have played this game for at least 10 days now and I can’t stop myself from coming back to it. The best way to describe it is like the video game version of dungeons and dragons except without all the waiting and math for one fight and your team gets stronger much faster in this as well. My only problem with it would be the intervals of resources and leveling of shops and the tavern. Like why does the blacksmith shop need to be level 18 to get a master emblem but the tavern needs to be level 14 to actually upgrade the character. Along with the massive jump in price for the master emblem needing 10k mithril where as the expert only needs 1k shock is a little ridiculous to get those amounts for four characters but is still possible with a little bit of grinding which is still fun cause you fight tones of cool looking monsters in the mean time.

What a neat game

Hey, I’ve played this for a bit, and I have to say it keeps me interested. There’s a lot going on that I like so far, and I hope to see some more things as I progress. I definitely recommend you check it out.

Reminiscent of darkest dungeon
Browny acid?

For a f2p game it’s very deep and enjoyable. Graphics are simple but adequate as is the layout, once you get used to the games quirks and sometimes sloppy use of English it doesn’t hinder the experience at all. Highly rec for any fan of Darkest Dungeon that just wants a cost free quick fix with less death, though your party will likely die from starvation once or twice until you get used to the food/inventory space conundrum.

Stardust Tesseract

Still getting the hang of this, it’s distinctive.


Neat game seems fair F2P which is rare these days. For old school rpg fans this is a must try. Nice work devs!

Day One Review

So far so good. I’m low level, but it’s intuitive and easy to pick up. I haven’t had to pay for anything and there doesn’t seem to be the option for it. The English seems to be a rough translation, but otherwise this is a decently made game. I’m digging it so far!