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"Four spirits race across the land, burdened with tragedy. Within each lies the specter of guilt and fear, which The Dark One bends to his will to enact his resurrection. They realize the deception too late as the promise of salvation turns to betrayal. A black wind washes over the planes, turning all to ash. As the fallen heroes face the engulfing void, a spark of hope clings to life. When the demon peered into their hearts to learn their secrets, so too did they learn his..."

Dungeon Hearts fuses the strategy and pattern matching of puzzle games with the kinetic pace of action games. Align magical runes as they flow along the Fatestream to attack, defend, and conjure magic in frenetic battles against a bestiary of fantastic creatures out to use those same runes against you. Chain together multiple attacks and unleash powerful combos or call upon each hero's special attacks to devastate your enemies to survive the twists and turns of Dungeon Heart's evolving gameplay. Strike down all that stand in your way and level up your brave warriors as each foe grows more powerful than the last, culminating in the final battle with The Dark One himself!


Puzzle/RPG Hybrid – Quickly align runes within the rapid match-three puzzle system to wield devastating attacks, defend against enemy offensives, and unleash multi-hero combos.

The Fatestream – Plan your strategy under pressure with dozens of different runes linked to each hero and defend against powerful attacks and dreaded hexes cast by enemies against your heroes.

Four Unique Heroes – Balance the individual skills of each hero and level them up to unlock and unleash a dozen different special powers for new attacks, healing magic, and time-altering spells.

Limitless Adventure – Face a randomly generated battle sequence with every new adventure and battle against a bestiary of over 40 creatures and 7 bosses lurking around ten unique environments.

Brimming with Secrets – Each defeated enemy reveals a sliver of the world's lore and the heroes' history.

A Vibrant Soundscape – Unlock 4 bonus soundtracks, each in a different musical genre.



Don"t buy this game crash too much , it"s hard contact with them and I waste my money with this company

Unique and challenging

This a unique take on the match 3 mechanics with a little RPG type leveling tossed in. It's very fun, but quite challenging. It took me quite some time to get past the first boss monster. I would love to see a health meter somewhere for the monsters rather than just wait until the grey icons start cracking. It would be very helpful to know that.

Frustrating experience

I want to love this game, I really do. Art and animation is cute and fantastic. Gameplay, amazing. It's great fun to have a match 3 game with a twist. But, frustrating? You better believe it. The way it is right now, you have to PERFECTLY touch the gems in order to move them. I mean there is absolutely no room for error, and the gems scroll way way too fast resulting in lots of gems just passing me by. For me, I could only stand playing for 15 minutes or so before I was left frustrated. It all just feels too fast and overwhelming to play. Also, I was scratching my head that the enemies don't have life bars...it really makes the long fights feel tedious...like WHEN WILL IT END???? Arg, can you tell I'm frustrated? Anyway, pacing is too fast, coupled with near perfect touch zone for gems and I just can't do it anymore. I'll have to come back to this one after its had more fine tuning. Regretting my purchase right now. Amazing concept, so far poorly executed. Hoping patches and updates add polish to an obviously unpolished product. Looks like more time was spent making it look pretty rather than fine tuning basic gameplay mechanics. Skills need more explanation on their special timings "push button" (I couldn't find the button) Tremendous let down on this initial release, and with such a potential gem. Sigh.

Thoroughly Impressed.

This is surprisingly good. The puzzle mechanic is frantic and tough and you will be overwhelmed--no jokes. Art and music is great and heavily reminiscent of the Final Fantasy series, but in an artsy and engaging way. Lots of variety in the enemies which shows through the puzzles. Framerate is fluid and app is quite polished. This one is a looker and a brain burner. Highly Recommended!

iPad 2+ only

I was annoyed to discover that my iPad can't run this game, even though nowhere in the description is this mentioned. Guess I'll have to get this on PC.

Not for me

Polished but just a bit too repetitive. As a match 3 it just doesn't feel like fun. No sense of progression. No HP bars on enemies. The power ups need to be more front and center. Overall, the gameplay idea feel shoehorned and unfinished.

Really beautiful and polished app
Dave Fishel

I love the level of polish put into this game. The music, sound, and art combine together to form a great package. The gameplay will come easy to fans of puzzler games and the game plays really well. I haven't encountered any of the crashes or control issues pointed out by other reviewers on my iPad 2nd gen. Definitely worth the purchase!

Pad 1 fail

If you make a game for the iPad then make it work for all the iPads. Do Apple refunds exist? Suggestion: tell your customers what devices are compatible. Highly disappointed. I've been waiting for the game for months.

To fast to enjoy

Way to fast to enjoy, great concept just not fun to play at its pace. Just deleted it 3 bucks down the drain.

Great game ruined wait for update

Whatever bug the "fixed" wasn't the right one. Don't be tempted by the concept or other reviews. iPad 2 crashes all the time. iPad mini crashes. iPhone 5 crashes. 5 star game, yet 1 star rating. Perhaps the developer should have play tested it.... Just saying. You'll never beat it due to crashes. And don't even consider pausing it, that is a 100% guaranteed crash. Btw it doesn't save so its square 1 every time. grrrrrrr