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dScanner is the best, cheapest available app for scanning and managing any kind of documents/files in a simple and organized way. You don't need an expensive scanner any more. Now every document in your office, school, college, university or home is on your finger tip. dScanner's advanced image processing techniques will help you while you are at work or doing your studies.
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How to use : Just take a photo of your document in contrasting background and the app will find the borders of the document automatically. Now you just need to crop and save it.

Key Features :

- Easy to use.
- Dropbox support.
- Secured Login using Touch ID and four digit PIN.
- Remove shadows intelligently. Usually when you take the photo of your document shadows may comes in the image. App has the option to remove those shadows and save it.
- Save scanned images in gray-scale, black and white or color.
- 6 image filters.
- Combine multiple scans to single PDF.
- Choose between low, medium and high quality.
- E-Signature on Documents.
- Make annotations on documents using different color pen.
- Avoid buying an expensive scanner that you use very rarely.
- Search folders/documents easily.
- Print option.
- Share to other apps.
- Organize documents in folders.
- Re-edit scanned image.
- No server is used. All documents are saved in the device only.
- Batch import from Photo Library.
- Set Page Size according to your doc size.
- Perspective correction is applied to straighten your document.
- Auto save captured or edited picture(s) to gallery.
- Scanned documents are processed on the iPhone without internet connection.
- Crop tool with magnifier.
- Signature can be saved and reused.
- Double tap a folder or file in the listing page to Rename.
- Adjust Brightness, Contrast, Rotate, Zoom and More...

Document Sharing :

- Export/Share as PDF
- Share via Email
- Share to WhatsApp
- Share to Other Apps
- Copy images and paste in your desired app
- Save scans to Camera Roll

Supported document types:

- Office docs like contracts, business cards, receipts, agreements, letters, bills, whiteboard discussions, checks, worksheet
- Account books like journal entry book, day book, ledger, credit notes, debit notes, balance sheet, profit and loss account
- Identity cards, medical reports, certificates, articles, paintings, sheets, sketches, drawings, recipe
- or any type of documents/files/statements

Features that are restricted for free user:

- For batch scan only 2 documents can be added at a time from Photo Library.
- Free scans are restricted to maximum of 4 document scans, after that user will be prompted to purchase the app. User can still use the app, but will not allowed to scan further documents.

Benefits of Full version:

- Unlimited document scans, conversion, editing & uploading.
- For batch scan, add upto 50 documents at a time.

Tips to use:

- Make sure that document is placed flat & you have adequate lighting & try to avoid shadow.
- Place your document on a dark background with some margin around the document for better auto edge detection. (Edges will be detected automatically after taking the photo)
- Turn-on the flash light in low-light conditions. But for glossy files it is better to avoid flash light because the reflection on image will make conversion issues.
- Always backup or upload scanned documents.
- All the documents are saved in your device itself. Deleting dScanner will also delete the documents saved in documents folder. It is better to enable Auto Save documents to Photo Library in Settings.


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