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Dropbox is free iOS app published by Dropbox, Inc.

No prices

thereareno nicnames available

They want people to upgrade and do no tell them how much it is. It is a free 30 day upgrade and ur card will charged on renewal. But how much is renew. Deceptive marketing

Did something change in the past 2 weeks?!


I looked up Dropbox and the only reason I installed it (on my iPad) was so I could have a very little bit of space for the brushes I was going to upload to Procreate. Not much space at all. That was an option I could choose and not pay anything for it. I would NEVER have downloaded the app if I was going to be charged at any time. I *don’t* do subscriptions. I knew the amount of space was really small, but so was the amount my brushes needed. I then see $99 on my credit card statement! I knew the amount seemed odd. I see people reviewing it saying $75 is too much...NONE of this was on there before I downloaded it. I looked at everything. I chose to use the free version that had very limited options. It did not say this was a trial and would change. I don’t want this and I would really appreciate it if you would refund that $99. I don’t buy apps or subscriptions like that for a reason! What’s written now is different than when I downloaded the app. Again, I never would have downloaded it. Please, please refund my money!

Caution! Don’t trust the memory Drop Box offers you - Get close and locked up!

Buck Phillips

I don’t appreciate this on bit - with memory still left you can NOT add unless you buy more storage space. This is deceitful in my opinion. Suggest going to Google drive or somewhere else before spending your money with these characters. If you think I’m kidding, here’s part of the actual response they send before asking you to Annie up more $$$: This is a friendly reminder that your Dropbox is almost full! Sadly, it won't save any new changes until it's back in shape.

Five stars for completely disappointing me!!


I’ve had this app for a while now. They promise to keep all your pictures safe “NO MATTER WHAT” which is all a lie! Let’s say u lose access to the account for a bit so you are inactive with it. Well without them even asking for your permission, they decide to erase your account and all the pictures you saved with it!! I completely believed them like an idiot and deleted my pictures and gave it to them so they can “KEEP IT SAFE” and without even consulting me or thinking about the fact that I have important pictures and things I actually wanted them to keep safe, they just erase and pretend like nothing ever happened. I completely do not recommend this app!! PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! GET EVERALBUM OR EVEN GOOGLE PICTURES BUT DO NOT USE THIS!!!

Brushes x Dropbox does not work


Dropbox in the popular drawing app Brushes does not work and has not worked for over 6 months. Is Dropbox planning a fix?



This app is horrible why you got to pay to use this app like that make no sense so just saying wow why you gotta pay to use this app!

Useful but not worth $75/mo


This is a very useful app but for $75/mo I expect a much better experience that doesn't require a weekly uninstall and reinstall to clear several gigs of cache. Currently looking for an alternative unless they shape things up😡

Recent update 104.2 a bust

Nurse Teacher9801

Update 104.2 has changed the dates on all files to “2 months 1 week ago” What a big whoops!

Upload document to gmail from mobile


Please provide feature to upload dropbox doc to gmail directly.

Very poorly made


This app was very poorly made, very confusing to use and sends photos 10x smaller and ruins the quality of them.