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Dropbox is free iOS app published by Dropbox, Inc.

Background upload


The whole point of camera upload in the background is to not have to constantly open the app and get it to start uploading. Extremely annoying, having to remember to open the app just to upload my recent photos

Can’t integrate to the files app


The app doesn’t have the option to save to files app on ios. So I cannot upload files from dropbox to the internet when safari uses the files app to upload. Other than that it has really good functionality for viewing and editing files.

Folders don’t sort

Long time user 4473628

It’s been over 15 years and modern apps and operating systems can sort folders by date modified, yet Dropbox app can’t? I will change my review to 5 stars if they can do it!

The ultimate low functionality walled garden app


Since their IPO announcement Dropbox has been going downhill. We're getting a taste what life in the Dropbox world is going to be like once investors, vs users, are the priority. I have had enough of Dropbox' walled garden approach and am now looking for another service. For me, a long time Dropbox user, it's been a reliable service that's well accepted by other apps. On the downside, there are some disturbing issues: 1) Privacy: DB opens with the Recents page, including deleted files. If there's anything in there you don't want people to see, you need to make sure your device is not accessible by anyone else. There's no way to change this. People have been requesting DB address this weakness for years and nothing gets done. 2) Support: As in zero. 3) New features: Just the opposite, every year brings another reduction in features. 4) Browser incompatibility: Must use Safari as DB is not fully functional with Chrome on a desktop. 5) Interface: Gets worse every year. 6) Errors: Once you permanently delete a file don't expect it to go away. On the second attempt I get endless spinners or a message that it could not perform that action. Months can go by with that file still showing -- and accessible. 7) It's getting too difficult to get anything out of Dropbox. They force you to use the Dropbox app. Yet it lacks far to much functionality to do anything. Can't even email a file to myself so I can work on it. I get a link to open it in Dropbox where I've already established there's insufficient functionality. Very poor choice for a professional/working service. All of the above has been around for years. The DB community complains. Nothing gets done.



Helps me get the music for my team😝

Why does background back up need my location and why doesn’t it save live photos as live


This app would be perfect if the background sync didn’t inexplicably need to track my location to work (which I refuse to allow on principle) and if it could automatically save live photos with their corresponding video files.

Nice!! But...

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I love the app so much. Especially the creating a doc with a picture. But can there be a way to convert or share a file into the app files iOS?

Hate hate hate this app

ultimate tigerπŸ…

I needed to download this app in order to access some photos uploaded by a group. I was forced to make an account and try the free trial. Without any notice I was subscribed and had charged after my trial ended. I would be less mad if I had notification before my trial ended and was charged that way I could make make an effort to end the account. Wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone who isn’t planning on using it for an extended period of time.



I am not able to Export files anymore I’ve uninstalled it, reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work.