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Dropbox is free iOS app published by Dropbox, Inc.



This app does not show all of the files and folders as the app on my Win10 desktop. Why? Still waiting for reply! Aug 5, 2018

Force me to download your app, that’ll be great


I love being forced to download your app to use your subpar product. My employer dropped box to use your product and it’s been a never ending nightmare of terrible.

Connect A computer


Oh my gosh! I was having a difficult time logging in on my desktop - trying to remember my password and it wouldn’t let me in. I figured I’ll just continue to use the app on my phone, until I saw the “Connect A Computer” button. I pressed it and in a matter of seconds (I’d say less than 45secs) I was able to get into my account on my desktop computer. It was just three easy steps! I’ve been using Dropbox for almost 8 years and thought it was good but nothing outstanding enough to write a review until now. I just hate the little badge icon that appears on a document when saved in Dropbox. I hide it but it comes back... All good tho!

Great way to access cloud files


Having this Dropbox App is a great way to have accessto your (Dropbox) cloud documents; specially since it integrates with the built in Files app. It's also a great way to upload things to your Dropbox account. Starting out with 2GB of free data is pretty silly in this day and age, but that describes the service, not the app. What I do find ridiculous about the app is that a simple feature like "Make available offline" is hidden behind a paywall. Really? I need to pay to maintain files on my device so I don't have to constantly use up your service's bandwidth whenever trying to open such files? Just ridiculous..



I don’t get what is up with all of these subscriptions and paid trials nowadays I had this app years ago on my other phone and they backed up photos for me since I had it. So I recently downloaded the app on my phone about two years and all my old files were still there now I download it and all of my past photos are gone I don’t get it

Do not enable two-step verification!!

Use Google Drive or OneDrive

Customer service is useless if you get locked out of your account!



I want to download a Dropbox file from a facebook group. If I click the link in facebook it takes me to a page that says; “get the app” but I’ve already got the app on my iPad Pro so if I push the button it opens my existing Dropbox but there is no download and no place to access the link.

Disappointed after all these years


I recently tried to cancel my Dropbox account and download my photos. I am an elderly grandma and can’t afford the $9.99 a month. The problem is nobody responds to me and I keep getting the message to “upgrade” for more than $120. Since I am not a business person, why can’t I have my photos and leave? I have paid for several months extra hoping I could send the photos to myself but it doesn’t work. It is either pay the money or they keep your photos. Is that extortion?

Absolutely amazing, I’m just nitpicking


Now this app itself is amazing. I have been able to use it to listen to music offline, and not have to pay for any subscription service. This honestly earns it 4.5 stars in my opinion, but sadly I can’t rate it as that. The only thing I can think of that I have a problem with is that when you are listening to audio clips, there is no button available to loop the sound. Otherwise, absolutely amazing!

Dropbox holding my fikes hostage


After recent update it has become impossible download my files from Dropbox to work on them offline. Dropbox has put that feafure behind a paywall without any warning. What a ripoff!