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Dropbox is free iOS app published by Dropbox, Inc.


Ava's Meteor🌑

I just need to upload two folders from email so I can view them, and save them to camera roll. The problem? IT NEEDS MORE STORAGE!! People are not going to want to buy things like more storage. Why? IT’S RIDICULOUS! This app should give people more free storage. I haven’t even seen most of the things I need to upload! People are going to use different, better apps that give them more storage, instead of Dropbox. I think I just will.

Big problem with sharing files


Everything with Dropbox is cool but whenever I want to share a photo from gallery or a pdf there’s a big problem that I can’t just use “share via” cuz when I select Dropbox I have to assign an email address to share the link with. It can’t just upload something directly to Dropbox without sharing. And another problem is that I can’t share a file directly from Dropbox; I just have to send the link

Afraid to download


The Voxer app suggested that I download Dropbox but after seeing all these negative reviews, I'm Leary of changing it. Please advice. Thanks, Allan.

Strips filters off photos


If you shoot pictures with an app or the default camera app and filtrts are applied. Those filters will not be uploaded, only the raw photo.

Cargas extremadamente lentas😔


En mi iPhone las cargas son extremadamente lentas.. me gusta esta app tengo años usándola pero estoy considerando usar otra ya que últimamente al cargar los videos estos pasan días y días en subir😔

Camera Upload Bug in iPhone 6


This is a great app except for one bug I’ve noticed when using automatic camera uploads on my iPhone 6: photos taken with a filter setting get uploaded as an unfiltered standard image, so pics with a filter get lost if you’re not paying attention and you delete pics on your phone to save space after uploading. Very annoying but to an otherwise excellent service. Once fixed I will rate back to 5 stars

Cancel my subscription please !


Don’t need it ! Hate they don’t respect your request to cancel.


F l n r

Do not purchase or upgrade paid plans for this app in the iTunes App Store. The developer has a glitch that does not allow upgrades that are purchased through Apple to be processed, even though your credit card will be charged and Apple will claim the upgrade is complete. Upgrade paid plains through the developer’s website instead.

Stolen funds


I downloaded this app didn’t know it was a subscription. I seen the $99 from my account and immediately tried to cancel it. I never used it but was told I could not get refund for 11 months. This company is a Complete Deceptive. I don’t why the United States Attorney General have not filed a Class Action Sue Against it. I will be looking into filing my own due for I am a Disabled Consumer.... THERE US NO WAY THIS CAN BE AN 4.8 RATINGS FOR A -99.99 APPLICATION....

Frustrated with the most recent update


I’ve really enjoyed Dropbox. It makes accessing my files across multiple devices so easy. After the most recent update I’m no longer able to attach files to emails through the “attachment” option in the mail app on my phone. Not everyone has a Dropbox account and I hate sending links to the files as it seems unprofessional to me. I’ve looked into it and it seems many people have experienced this issue. I hope it is resolved soon.