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VM Driller Display is a Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) tool that monitors crucial drilling information, such as the magnetic probe tool face angle, in real time. Compatible with RivCross, the HDD software suite released by Vector Magnetics.
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This app displays the following data from RivCross:
-Magnetic probe tool face angle
-Measured depth
-Pipe pressure
-Annular pressure

It also includes the following features:
-Support for connecting to RivCross via either Bluetooth or Wifi
-Customized pressure gauge ranges
-Automatic warnings if pressure readings are too high or low
-Notifications when shots are taken in RivCross
-Notifications when messages are sent from RivCross


Almost Perfect

- some drillers like seeing 30/60/90 etc instead of 45/90/135. Prefer old way if possible. - Option for graph when using pressures. A must for me. Want my drillers looking at graph. Good job guys on updates. Working great. Just if we can make everything automated so I could work from home lol.

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