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This children game will become the best game for your toddlers. "Kids Tablet" is an Interactive game, where little boys and girls will be able to correspond with animals, drawing pictures, counting numbers, and just have cool spending time. And also it has a bright design and color splash that will attract your preschoolers.
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"Kds Tablet" is created for your toddlers. Here they can not only play but also develop to memory, fine motor skills and imagination. This kids app will be great for homeschooling and entertainment. A drawing game will not leave your child indifferent, he will want to come here again and again: write to animals, matching numbers, counting from 1 to 10, coloring sheets will not let babies get bored.

Your toddlers will be satisfied, because:
-they can write to various animals, and animals will respond to your baby. The game will teach your children to correspond and will help learn animals.
-the app looks like a phone, your baby first phone. Your children will be able to send SMS, will be able to call animals by video link, this is a very cool pastime.
-they will be playing a fairly simple and new reaction game. Hamsters crawl out of the mink, and toddler needs to beat on them, not allowing to have time to climb themselves.
-if your child likes drawing or coloring, he will find entertainment for himself. If you enter the game with drawing, the kid will be able to color pictures, and most importantly, there are no restrictions on fantasy. He will be able not only to color but also to paint on his own, preserving his favorite drawings.

Enjoy playing and learning with GoKids.


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