DragonBreed for DragonVale Reviews

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DragonBreed for DragonVale is free iOS app published by The Next Flow, S.L.

Good, but needs to update quicker

NPsych Doc

This app works well and seems to be accurate. However, sometimes we're well into an event or dragons that come available again before it is updated.

Not working


Great app but not working atm



I like it, is helpful and I love the game



I’ve been using this app for quite a while. It is very helpful in keeping up with the dragons I have and don’t have, as well as, the egg pedestals. It also answers a lot of questions concerning different aspects of the game. You can also find people who need certain dragons in the coop breeding cave. I highly recommend this app to DragonVale players.

Dragon vale breeding guide


It was very helpful to use and it helped me get many dragons and taught me about new dragons and what they look like

Love it...but

AK G'ma

Most of the tips etc are spot on. More frequent updating would be helpful. It’s definitely the best app I’ve found for finding out what an egg is.

Dragon breeding


This app is good with what dragons breed which eggs but I ran into and issue when I breed the fire dragon and nova dragon when I bred those to dragons I had a blue egg with red fire symbols on it and I did the same thing in the breeding simulator part on the app and it didn’t have a blue egg with fire symbols on it. Other than that the app is really good for you know what dragons you are hatching when in the nursery and what dragons you do and don’t have

normally good but it’s not working now


i’ve been using this app for bout 2 years. it’s always been great. it’s been getting slower when loading the chats as time passed but i got over it. however, it’s not working now. whenever i click on the app it has the opening screen for a few secs and then closes out of it. vv bad timing considering the new event just started. someone help me out!

Was great app now AWFUL


If we HAD the dragon we wanted to breed, we wouldn’t look the dragon up to see HOW to breed said dragon! RIDICULOUS! This app used to be fantastic and you could breed your dragon without ALREADY HAVING THE DRAGON! Their way was, the go to way to breed dragons, getting it right when DV didn’t steer us in the right direction. Not anymore.

Love this app, but now it’s crashing

mr hack your girl

I can’t get onto the app anymore, all it does is bring me to he DragonBreed logo screen and then crashes. Hope you can fix this soon.