DragonBreed for DragonVale Reviews

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DragonBreed for DragonVale is free iOS app published by The Next Flow, S.L.

DragonBreed is very helpful.

Major Sam

The app is very helpful in tracking and planning. I like it a lot. I hope one day to see it within the game, perhaps linked to the dragonarium where the game keeps track of your dragons for you. But unless, or until that happens, this is a reliable and stable tool to supplement the game. Thanks for the development. It makes the game more enjoyable for me.

Technically superb


Well designed and easy to use.



Love the game Very disappointed since they change to FB Very hard to breed dragons in co-op Can get in touch with friends true G C It takes a lot from the game

Rating Dragonvale

D fish12

I love it! That's what I have to say this time.😍❤️

Dragon Breed my "GO-TO"


For the past 6 years DragonBreed has been my first choice in choosing which dragon to breed and when to breed it. It is fast and easy to navigate. I use the NEW FEATURED dragons' list almost every time I open DragonVale; which is sometimes several times a day ! The ELEMENTS list helps me so much. Keeping track of so many dragons is a blast! but complicated. DragonBreed makes all things easy and simple.

Essential complement to DragonVale


I use this daily for what to breed, and identify the breeding outcome. During events that have a name the egg game, I toggle between DragonVale & Dragonbreed on every egg I'm unsure of. With it I correctly identify 10 out of 10 eggs ....every time. There is a lag between when new dragons are introduced in DragonVale, and breeding advice is available in DragonBreed (frustrating, but understandable). I'd also like to see you incorporate hints on the best dragons to use for quests and races to maximize the chance of winning two treasure chests. Bottom line, I appreciate this app....thank you for your efforts!

Best App for Dragonvale


This app is the best one to go with Dragonvale. It's great for figuring out the best breeding combinations, and is much better than any other helper out there.

Thank you


Very useful!!! I love it!

It's okay


I used to use this app all the time, and then all of the sudden the incubation times were way off, and it wasn't as easy to find how to breed certain dragons. It doesn't update quickly, and yes I check for updates for the app all the time. I barely use this app now.

Has everything you need for DV

Zoo Of You II

Good app...easy to use. I'm glad it's there.