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All players who spend a minimum of $99.99 will get: 300 gemsand 5 million coins (maximum of one bonus prize per player).
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Games Free TOPGAME GLOBAL LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

We are proud to announce the STRONG back of Dragon Soul, with expected unique training and battle system!
25 types of dragons and 8 main levels that contain more than 100 battles for you to challenge!
Powerful Wrath Mode will bring you more exciting experience!

Warrior vs. Dragon?! ……\ ( > < ) /#¥%…… Stop! Do it again!
The story should go like this: A good and kind-hearted dragon had been guarding all the land for a thousand years; it was peaceful and serene. That is until the greedy humans came……

Incubate, breed and raise your dragon so that he grows into a strong guardian with the power to protect all the land, and drive out any humans who attempt to disturb the peace.

Game Highlights
Collect many different kinds of formidable and mysterious dragons, each having their own distinctive attributes.
Breed dragons of different attributes with each other to create completely new kinds of dragons.
The soul of a dragon is essential for its existence. Enrich your dragons’ souls so that your dragons themselves grow to be healthy and strong.
Train your dragons. Make them bigger, stronger and capable of withstanding any invasion.
Work together with your dragons to repel enemy attacks. The defense of the kingdom is in your hands.
Background music that will make you all nostalgic for those childhood tales of fantasy and adventure.


Fix the wheel

I like the game but the wheel is nothing but a waste of money where you never win anything.

It stinks

I is horrible it is bad enough that you never win anything when you spin the well do not get it ever

Need less time waiting

It's a good game, but it takes too long to wait for souls and breeding plus everything is really expensive if you don't have gems. I like the added wheel and better graphic on this new version. I think we should have more options in battle mode like what attack the dragons do and who it should attack.

:/ It was ok...
Princess Fantasy Star

What was the purpose of it?

Awesome dog 37

The only reason I hate this game is because the spinner keeps on saying nothing


I think dragon soul is a awesome game the waiting is fine to me because other games like Dragon city, Dragon story or any types of games like that have similar time. But what I think Dragon Soul should have is more dragons, more attacking moves at least 4 you can choose.

Great game

Am I the only one who likes the wheel? I got about 1mill and busted the spent way too long spinning it. But by the time I was done I had 78mill and gained a ton of gems. I'm glad that I can finally fight things with my dragons, it's always nice when they kill things. The difficulty level for the fights is kinda' imbalanced. Sometimes the enemies just wipe the floor with my team and I don't like spending gems on wrath potions(it feels almost like cheating). Oh, another thing that I don't mind are the time limits. This is not a game that is made to be played for hours on end. I have better games for that. But every hour or so I can check back and attend to my dragons, which is nice. The only thing that I really hate is watching my exp bar go up for no reason. I can accept the "offline training sessions," but not the constant growth for no discernible reason. It seems too easy. But that's probably just me and if other people like it I suppose I can live with it. All said I think this is a good game and worth checking out. .... This review turned out much longer than I planned and I do not foresee anyone actually reading it. :P

Shay 69 49

Good game! But it wont add my battle rewards!! Please fix and ill rate 5 stars!

Rigged spin wheel
Gay people say no

I've spent thousands of coins but I kept getting nothing

Great game to pass the time

I've been playing this game for years and it is a great, low commitment game. Does anyone know how to auto-spin the wheel?