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Build your own Football Dynasty! Can you draft your team from bottom of the division into a force to be reckoned with and reach the very top? Take on the role of the GM and decide who should be the coach to take your squad to victory! This is your draft day!
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Can you be the champion of the draft picks? Decide who to sign, which pick to take and who to trade! It's all down to you.

Develop your stadium and increase your fan base whilst maintaining a strict budget, can you go all the way? Good luck, you'll need it!


Want stats

All I really want is this game are for real stats like passing yards rushing receiving yards tackles and sacks to be taken


Obviously designed by people without a rudimentary knowledge of American football. Three QBs in a starting lineup. Crowds of less than 4,000 fans. I had a TE whose first name was Fssup. One of my players got a red card. Seriously. A player offered to take a “bribe” to join my team. What does that even mean?

What is this????
jake th3 tuber

I was excited to get this game when I saw it, but it was different when I started playing it. I was doing good at a 7-2 record, and I am 4-0 at home. Or should I say I WAS. Because all of a sudden I lose like 5 more games and win two more. My players get injured every week but I am pretty sure that has no effect at all. I don’t usually review on games, but this needs such a bad comment that I needed to do it. All these five star reviews are misleading. You would get lucky to get a winning record. Please fix this game and I will write a better review.


Great game but when I bought 100M I didn’t get it and it took my money. Please help ASAP

Needs improvement

To hard to win even if you have an amazing team! Also add free agency and trades for the whole season also make trades for players not just picks.

Too confusing

This game is an overall good game if it was less confusing!! Also, one player is guaranteed to get hurt each week for 4-10 weeks. There is not really a tutorial at the beginning of the game, so I did not understand much of it. Also, the players are down to 60 overall in the third round. Come on. The 5 star reviews are very deceiving. I was deceived myself.

Team management

If you wanna be a gm and build your team through free agency and rookie drafts then this is probably the best simulator then. Its the best one i could find and i enjoy playing it from time to time


No way to stop from going bankrupt

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Lanicia Thunderchief

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They make you resign bad players