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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Sort out bugs.


I got a new phone and waited to get Downwell as the bugs had rly annoyed me out of the game before. I got it one day I was bored and yep, they had not been fixed... - If you switch to another app (say someone calls you) and want to come back to your game, the game will almost always crash and you lose all your progress. So you have to restart from the first level which is frustrating. - When you have headphones on and open the game, sometimes the game will overtake your music app and pause it. No thank you.

This game is AMAZING but..

Gvan (pls read?)

This is one of the best games that I’ve picked up in a while, there’s only one problem with it that I would REALLY appreciate to be fixed. I’m on an iPhone XS Max so I’m not sure if the problem occurs on all platforms, but what happens is that I’ll be having a really good run, then I get a text so I get to a safe spot then answer it, but when I come back the game is frozen and the only solution is to restart that app which deletes all my progress. If the developers manage to read this and update/fix the problem than this game is a hard 5 and would also change my rating. (As a side note it would also be a REALLY good change if the game would allow the user to change the size of the buttons, as I find it really off putting having to reach all the way to the other side of the screen just to turn right).



This game is so unique in so many ways. The animation is seemless and smooth. Gameplay addicting and fun. I honestly just got it and I LOVE this game! Go buy it, it's worth it!

Please update this game

mohammad reza shahroudi

We need iPhone X update

Great game, crashes in app switcher


Great game! Whenever I want to answer a text or switch a song, the app crashes.

Great Game But Needs Support For Newer Models


Down well is a fantastic game. I’ve been in love with it for years but having an IPhone Xr makes playing the game a chore. Makes using the buttons on the larger screen much tougher as it does not extend to the full height of the XR’s screen. An update to fix the ratio for newer model phones would bring my love back for this tremendous game.

Love this game to death, BUT


I’m serious this game is actually amazing and worth everyone’s time. My only issue is that the left input doesn’t always work while the jump button is held. I can consistently replicate this issue and it’s deeply frustrating because this does not apply to the right button at all and it has caused many deaths due to my sudden inability to correct my positioning while using the gunboots. Please fix.



I didn’t think that developers had the capability of making such great games on mobile.



THEY DID IT THEY UPDATED FOR IPHONE X STYLE SCREENS THANK YOU! This is probably the best iPhone game. My favorite part is how bad I am at it, been playing for 18 months and still haven’t beaten it. Every time I make it to the final boss I’m the guy from San Andreas, “here we go again.” But, like Sisyphus, I keep at it. Maybe someday I’ll be good at this amazing perfect game.

Thank you for iPhone XS Max support!


I can finally play again!!!!!