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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Good buuuut, a bit to HARD


Awesome but it's way to HARD! Your lucky if you can make it to the 4th level! PLEASE, PLEASE, have a level of difficulty to select from! And it would hands down be 5 STARS!

iPhone X support!

Finn Heilers

Would be a 5 if it had iPhone X support.



Game needs a new update it crashes a lot now



This game’s design is so amazing. Everyone who like roguelikes, or platformers should play this game. Every design choice flows right into the next seamlessly. This game is never clunky, and never compromised. You need to play this flawless game.

Love the game, but please update to use the XS Max screen size


I love playing this game and the one downside is it has not been updated in 3 years. I would like to see it use the whole screen.

Update the app

Henry Hanrui Zhang

Crashes all the time, doesn’t save progress if I go to another app. Come on.

Waste of money on iPhone X

David Pixel PI

Unplayable on the iPhone X

fun but if my phone sleeps or i switch apps...

Meow the Woofing Fish.

Hello! The game is nearly perfect, it is extremely fun and the game controls extremely well - especially for a mobile game. However, if I sleep my phone or go to the home screen or something like that, the app crashes when I go back. This is the only game's error, for me at least. It seems to have to do with if I have Spotify playing music.

iPhone XS Support??


This is truly a great game. It’s been one of my favorites, in fact. However, I really wish it had support for the newer phones.

Get it for Switch instead.


I have basically no desire to play this game on my phone now that it’s out for Nintendo Switch. The touch screen controls on this game are in need of drastic improvement.