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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Excellent game but


There is no save feature. I work so hard to get to the next level then I loose them at the end of the day! This game. Has potential but it needs saves and save points and more to it and more adventure. But I dread having to start over every time! I started out giving three stars but I’m so disappointed that I loose my place and have to start over every time And building armor and power. You just end up loosing it. That’s horrible


solivagant m

Please fix the glitch that makes it so that I can’t leave the app during a game (even to answer a phone call) without the game freezing and losing my process. This is irritating because I usually only lose progress during my really good runs, as they go longer and have more of a chance of being interrupted.



I love this game a lot and play it in my free time, it’s progression system is great, it accommodates to your skill, so the better you get it takes around as long. Quick price of constructive criticism, I think you need to patch and fix the fork and knife upgrade, when you can use it you get healed a full heart

I Love This Indie Game


This game is addicting, it’s really easy to pick up and learn the game, it has a nice difficulty, fun and rewarding gameplay, a pretty good soundtrack that works really well with the gameplay, and an appealing art style. I recommend getting this game


Supernaturally awesome!

This game is amazing, you should get it, and that’s all you need to know.

5 stars if not for annoying button lock!


I would absolutely give Downwell 5 stars if it it worked perfectly. I can’t stop playing it, even though I can’t get past 2-2. I’m having a real annoying issue, and I don’t know if it’s due to the type of phone or what, because I’ve seen others having the same experience as me. There are often times when I can’t jump and move at the same time. One button works while the other does not until I tap them separately. Makes the game a lot harder than it already is. Hope there’s an explanation or it’s fixed at some point! It’s gotten worse lately, which is weird, and it’s rendering the game almost unplayable.

Update or sequel

Hold my coat

Sound doesn’t work anymore.

Needs Saving Capability! Please Update


This game is great very fun and smooth. Great fun upgrades. HOWEVER, there needs to be an option to save the game. It’s super discouraging to start over to the first level if you die. Honestly it makes me think twice of spending the money and to even continue playing. PLEASE UPDATE



2019 already! And still not optimize for iPhone X and above... smh. The game is great but c’mon. I want a refund!!!

Good, but one big thing missing!


Very nice game, but we need to be able to change the screen to vertical mode! I can do that in my computer version and it’s a blast! I really wish to play this game on my iPad with a controller in vertical mode! Please update this!