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Downwell is paid iOS app published by GHI Media, LLC

Great game


Just make it so you can turn your phone sideways when playing for easier controls

Very fun


Very action packed and very enjoyable.

Needs optimization


I have Downwell on PS4 and really like it but the game just doesn't work on a phone. The "buttons" are super cramped and not really comfortable at all to play. Enemies that are border line unfair (looking at you bats) are downright cheap on a device where you have to look to see which input you are actually triggering. More thought should have been put into this than just a direct port...

Long time gamer first time all the way down

31 year old nerd

I downloaded Downwell two years ago when it came out and beat it for the FIRST time yesterday (the final boss is insane). Just to give you an idea of how insanely fun this game is, perfect combo of old school gaming and modern phone games. Amazing way to kill half an hour when you’re stuck somewhere. The controls are difficult but imho that’s a plus, reminds me of double dragon II where it feels like it takes actual thumb skills. Make more games please!!!

Good game no BS

The Evil Lamp

Seeing so many mobile games filled with micro transactions, it was a breath of fresh air to find a fun game that doesn't constantly pester you to spend money.

Crashes after phone calls

Kiki Rickson

Great game, but it crashes after I get a phone call. Please fix this.

Does not work well on force touch devices


The left arrow often doesn’t work on my 7 but works fine on my SE. I believe force touch is responsible.

Update the game


Every time I press the home button and try to play it again, it crashes the game, and whatever progress I’ve gotten is deleted. It however is a great game, dispute that annoying bug

Fabulous Game!


Honestly, the game is exceptionally addictive. Its original, challenging, etc! Except I have a request: Level Select... Continues... starting back from the beginning every single time gets a bit tiresome! Even Supermeat Boy had a level select!!

Amazing pixel game


This is so far the best Pixel animated game I have ever gotten, I'm a iPad mini user so I'm not sure how it plays for others but for my device there is no lag and the controls are amazing even though there's only three, and the cool part is that there's so many frames you can unlock to make the graphics look even cooler.