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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.



One of the highest quality mobile games I’ve ever played, got the game on Switch and then saw it on the App Store. Definitely worth the price!!!

Please Add More Content!


Been a fan since day one. Would love to see a ton of new content, or maybe even a Downwell 2?!? Best game on the App Store. Seriously, thank you.

Beware - Always on Home Bar!

Something Witty...

It was nice that this game was finally updated to the modern iPhone aspect ratio, but they really need to update it to properly dim the Home Bar.

Can’t jump and move


Please stagger the arrows and jump button. I press jump while moving but it doesn’t register and messes me up all the time. Otherwise I LOVE this game.

Very fun!


I really enjoy playing this game. It is a LOT of fun! The touch screen controls are a little tough to play with but it is a blast.

this game is great but i wish i could play it while listening to music


this game is 100% amazing and i love every bit of it. it’s beautifully made and incredibly innovative. literally my only problem with the game is that i can’t listen to my own music whilst playing the game because the sfx and bgm overlap with what i’m trying to listen to. i’m hoping this could be fixed in an update. to the creators/developers: hats off to you for this amazing game.

Really good game but


This is a really good game just have a small problem with it, why doesn’t it have a option to turn off sound effects? I want to listen to my music but it guys drowned by the sound effects of the game. I know it has a no background music option but, no sound effect option? Please fix that.

Great Game

Mr cyaninide n happiness

Staying on my phone forever, really like it. If I could change anything, I would add more simple core colors. What I mean by this is simple, in the game, you can unlock color palettes to make the colors different. The first 3 are Downwell, Matcha, and Aqua (red, green, and blue respectively), these palettes don’t change anything but the primary color. I would add more palettes, so we can have yellow, purple, orange, and pink types of these, or even a custom palette maker. I know you get Nikaido later on, but it isn’t true to the core 3 because it changes the background. Other than that it’s a great game, add a “tip the dev” in-app purchase so I can give you more money, if the dev(s) are listening.

Great game, but lags on my iPod at times


This game is so good I had to buy it on not only my Android phone, but my iPod touch and PC. Over all of the devices I have this game on I have spent several days playing it. This game has me hooked on jumping down the well, whether it be because I had to exit the app or because I died the last run. I love the fact that are several routes to take when playing the game. You can choose to either be really reckless and go for every enemy, or you can choose to be strategic and pick your battles. The upgrades also has you pick wisely, as the wrong combination can screw you over in the long run but also puts you at the mercy of the games rng even more. Sadly, while I wish to give a clean 5 like on Android and PC, I have to give it a 4, as it isn't properly optimized for an iPod touch 5th generation. Lag can kick in at any moment, either aiding you by slowing the game for a split second allowing you to reconsider a decision you made the second before hand, or it can aid in the game murdering you as it slows you down while your en route to kill an enemy, seemingly giving the enemy AI a split second to adjust its course to knock off a point of hp upon impact with you when the lag lets up. This is pretty evident in flying enemies (which are the bane of my existence without the lag, anyway.) Giving an optimization option for not only older iPads but also older iPod touches and older iPhones would probably fix this issue. Other than that, the iOS version of this game is pretty solid. Keep up the great work!!

Iphone X?


This is one of my favorite arcade game on the app store so far, I played it non stop on my iphone 7 and is a perfect time-killer, i just need thia game to be optimized for iphone X, a bigger screen would be just what I need to prevent those sick bird and floating Eyeballs to crush my streak. So please think about it, optimize it for Iphone X please!!