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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Great on PC


Have on steam and loved it. Thought it would be great on the phone but forgot that “touch” controls are nothing like gameboy buttons. I don’t understand how people play games like this on these phones. That said I don’t understand why I thought I would be able to play this game on this phone. Now I feel like an idiot. If you are like me and are constantly wanting to toss your iPhone into Mount Doom because your fingers never touch where you think they should then skip this, or buy it on something with buttons.

iPhone 11 Support

Matt Lundstrom

There are some major issues with multitouch support on iPhone 11 Pro Max, mainly the trigger has a 1 second delay when holding the direction keys. I’ll update my score when fixed. Thanks! Downwells the best game of all time. Hope this gets fixed.

8+, iOS 13.x


Elegant simplicity and unexpected depth have rendered this title a near-permanent fixture on my device. This independent developer is definitely one to watch and support. Thanks for an awesome title that both (1) fits neatly into life's spare moments and (2) lends itself to extended play. Quite a feat!

Fantastic mobile game


This game is great. It feels good, the upgrades are cool, and the graphics are really interesting. The game feels similar to titles like Risk of Rain, Enter the Gungeon, etc. Although I recently started playing, and haven’t gotten too far yet, I’m sure the game has tons of content.

Downwell DE


With downwell’s already tight screen and quick, short gameplay, I believe this may be the best version of downwell

My favorite game on iPhone

October Stormy

This game is DOPE!!! Seriously, I have to really hate a game or app to leave a review. I don’t leave reviews if I like a game, I never keep them long. I’ve had an iPhone since the iPhone 2 was released, and as weird as it feels to say this, Downwell is my favorite game I have ever played on an iPhone. I loved games in the 80s, particularly Metroid which this game was obviously inspired by, so the style of this game is exactly what I’ve missed and wanted out of a pocket sized pick up and put down game. The music is perfect, the color theme is perfect, the characters and style is perfect, it’s simple, kinda loud in a fun way, medium to fast paced, funny, just the right amount of customization options, no overglossing..the game never feels like it breaks character, just all around hasn’t received the credit it deserves at all. If I were to add anything at all to it, it would be more side scrolling and just a longer game (even though for now the farthest I’ve gotten is level 3). This game will be staying on my phone permanently, it’s underpriced, the creators are underpaid, and I’m hopelessly looking forward to merch in the future. Also, no, I was not paid to leave this review. I hate writing reviews, I just finally found a truly good game. New update crashes, won’t let me play at all ☹️

This game is amazing

? Is lie

I love this game so much and out of all of the games I have played on the Appstore, this is probably the best out of all of them. I deleted a while back due to continued lack of support for Iphone x but now that it has support there is no reason to not have this game

I wanted to like it


I wanted to like it. I really did. But the controls are terrible and force you to put your fingers where you need to see. You can set the buttons to be invisible but your fingers still need to sit on top of them. This is a game where you fall down. However your character is on the middle of the screen and your fingers are on the bottom. You have a tiny portion of the real estate on the screen to play the game, meaning most of the screen is wasted showing you what's above you. Which doesn't matter nearly as much as what's below. What's worse is that the tap left or right controls are much less accurate than sliding your finger left or right, which would be a much better method of control. Worst of all is that the game is advertised as having elegant controls. The irony is just too much. On top of this, the description says things you gather on your trips stack. They absolutely do not. You reset everything every time. The only element of progression is unlocking new colors and character traits. Disappointing because the same early levels over and over get boring quickly.

best game ever

Gamer man ?

Best game I've played on the AppStore yet, worth the 1$

Best mobile game I’ve bought


This game is so much fun, and it’s just satisfying. The only thing it’s missing is an option to turn of game SFX, which I would like because I usually listen to Spotify while playing games. I’ve sunk so much time into this game, and I’m still trying to get further. But devs, if you see this, please add an option to mute SFX.