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Downwell is paid iOS app published by GHI Media, LLC



Simple, yet surprisingly fun game. Adding some "continues" would be nice though. No real complaints about this game.




Amazing,fun and so hard !!!


Guys if you want to buy this game , do it now ! One the best games in App Store . Good music , new gameplay ( very hard !!) and amazing art are make this game , super great ! But if you don't like challenge , never buy it !



This game is incredibly nice and awesome because it's like Mario with guns attached to his feet and when u jump on those turtles, they die just like when Mario stomps on a goomba, great graphics and music 👍🏻👍🏻 very well done on making this game very interesting to gamers and to people that want to play it 👍🏻👍🏻

Not fun to play


Get past the graphics and sound and you will find not much of a game here. It controls well enough and I like the idea, but it's random nature makes the gameplay extremely difficult. There is no way to get better at a level by predicting what will come next. So each run is basically up to chance. You can't see what is coming next so if you jump the wrong way or land on the wrong thing, it's game over. Maybe if I could play this on a TV with a game pad it would be better. Having your controls obscure enemies is a disaster.

Quality game

Flyboy Jack

Solid game. Worth the money.

Really amazing game!!!


I'm just going to say I haven't fully played this game, I got it a few days ago and (Maybe it just me) but this game is hard!!! But that and a whole lot of other things makes me really like it, like the fact there is no story, or that there are different gun upgrades that help you change the type of gun you have or when you get an extra 4 health you get 1 more health point, And it's really addicting. Totally recommend it!!!



This is one of the best games I've ever played on my phone. The novel approach of a platformer in a constant descent brings up some great aspects to gameplay, like physics based combos where you leap from enemy to enemy, in a ballet of destruction. This game is easy to play but challenging to beat. And after you beat it the first time you unlock hard mode, which unsurprisingly, is very hard. There is an incredible attention to detail in the pixelated animations and physics. I played this over and over for many months and still find it entertaining and challenging.



I love this game and i want more out of it



It keeps making my phone restart when I plug my phone in. My phone is fine when I delete the app