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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Great Game, but Control Problem Literally Gets In The Way

Milo Cantos

I already owned Downwell on another system, but I love it so much I figured I would also get it on my phone for quick bursts of action before getting back to work. The game is minimalist in the best way: the 3 color graphics (with your choice of unlockable palettes) instantly convey what you can land on and what is better avoided, and the single button (besides left and right movement) that combines jumping and shooting gives you a surprising amount of agility that allows you to strategize your ammo as you assess on-the-fly whether to plunge ahead to preserve a combo or to take your time and plan your next jump. This leads to this version’s major fault that cost it a star: you can turn off the visibility of the onscreen buttons, but unless you have an external controller, your own thumbs are still going to be blocking your vision of what threats you’re about to pounce onto or dodge! If only there was an option to switch the button zones to the top of the screen with the threats you’ve already passed. Still great game, though!

This game is such pure fun


This is like if mario in the 90s came to birth a child in the present.

One of the best indie moblile games

caden jasper

Please, just play this goddamn game I’m begging you it is worth it for just 3 dollars

Beautiful game


Lovely experience.

The best mobile game


This is actually my first App Store review, because Downwell is that good. It is not just a great game, but a perfect game for its format. It’s quick, arcade-y rogeulike gameplay with its intuitive simple controls and gameplay make it perfect to play on your phone. The combo system allows its surface simplicity to actually have a lot of depth and challenge. It really is the best mobile game no doubt, 5 stars. However, I do have complaints. As a UX change, I wish you could also turn off sound-effects. You can turn off background music, but it’s pretty annoying when you’re trying to listen to music and you hear the little beeps and boops. As an actual gameplay complaint, while I really appreciate the simplicity I do wish their were more upgrades with more diversity. The very few in the game feel somewhat limited after enough gameplay. They haven’t updated this game in a year so I really hope they make a sequel with more content. This game is truly amazing and if you’re gonna have 1 game on your phone it should be Downwell.


Nitro Nebula

One of my all time favorite games ever and one of the few games I will buy over and over because of just how good it is. Devolver Digital really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Gameplay slows down on iPhone 11 Pro Max


I’ve played for years on smaller devices but one would think the faster processor in the 11 Pro Max would be no trouble for this game, but it slows to half speed just moments into playing. I will change this rating to a 5 once that issue is addressed - otherwise, BEST ARCADE STYLE GAME ON THE IPHONE!

Good game, poor Control


This game is very good, and I’m a fan of the console version. Unfortunately, on mobile is is MORE than hard to control, and I find myself losing lives when I shouldn’t have. The game plays fine, but I’m dying way to much do to poor controls, and occasionally I will jump on an enemy and still take damage.

Classic go to for a challenge


Just finished winning the game...which I’ve managed to do maybe a half dozen times at most over the course of 5 years or so. It never gets old. Definitely for gamers of a certain generation who like challenging, high sensitivity games. It’s a great combo of rogue like, bullet hell, platformer, and what used to be called “twitchy”. A modern day classic for sure.

Great Little Game


Love playing this in short bursts. Would love it come to Apple Tv