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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Love the game


The game is great but what I really think it’s missing is a mute mode, the sound doesn’t fully mute when I’m jamming to music and I still hear the game sounds and sound fx. No hate to them but it’s always bothered me when I’m at work jamming out and I want to play this game but with the noise it makes it’s always too overpowering. Other than that love the game! Have for a long time.

Looses sound when getting a call.


Looses sound when getting a call. Otherwise great game.



One of the best mobile games! Request — haptic feedback options. Landscape mode — for when using a controller holder or Razer Kishi. iCloud saves — for example: play on the road with iPhone and pickup progress with iPad and a controller

Great game, really difficult

Doe Free

I love the game a lot, but the precision it seems to require from the player is frustrating at times. I enjoy difficult games, but wow. that being said, if you enjoy a challenge and learning a new game, i bet you’ll like this. the gameplay is addictive and fun. Just wish there was a slow mode or something.

Worth every penny!


Incredible! The only thing it needs now is an endless mode where your items can stack! For example having two gem attractors would make gems come from farther away!

Absolutely fantastic, one small complaint

Trippy D

Please update so I can turn off all sound from the game and continue listening to music/podcasts. This would truly make it perfect.

A Really good game


I was watching Tamago2474 do a game show episode on this and thought it was great and it is! For some reason the music stopped for a while and then the sound effects stoped. I don’t know if anyone has a problem with that

Brilliant and long lasting.


I really love this game. I like how every single thing in this game does at least two different things, like how your gunboots not only attack things, they also slow you down. It makes for a game that is super simple, but takes forever to get old. Really just a smartly designed game overall.

Fun Gameplay


The controls for this game are very simple and the concept is straight forward. This game allows for some really fun and fast paced gameplay. It’s a great game to just pick up and play. You don’t need a block of time for it.

Good game, poor Control


This game is very good, and I’m a fan of the console version. Unfortunately, on mobile is is MORE than hard to control, and I find myself losing lives when I shouldn’t have. The game plays fine, but I’m dying way to much do to poor controls, and occasionally I will jump on an enemy and still take damage. Another upset is getting hit from the side. And enemy swooping in immediately tapping me from the side. Completely out of my control!