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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.



Game was so awful I didn't even play it


Jekahewns sbdocksn

Deserves 10 stars out of 6

Issue Report


The OLDNCOLD palette isn't showing on my iPhone 5c even though I've unlocked it.

Super addictive


Amazing game!! some of the most fun i've ever had on a mobile game!! Only problem I saw was with the cave bat enemy. I think you might need to nerf them in an update or something, they are quite the pests!!

Almost perfect.

A typing monkey

It would be great if the buttons worked all the way at the top of the screen so you could hold your phone near the top to play without obscuring your vision the entire time.

Great game


Very addicting. Awesome game play. Great 8-bit graphics.



I absolutely love this game, don't get me wrong. There are just a few features that hold it back from perfection. First off, there's no save feature, so when you leave the app for like five minutes you have to restart your whole run. That coupled with the fact that runs take about 30 minutes makes the lack of a save crippling. Additionally, the game sometimes crashes when you run music streams in the background. Please fix this, lovely developers. Your game is too good not to.



This is my FAVORITE game by far. I'm a sucker for these addictive games like Monument Valley, Sword and Sworcery and of course Downwell. The game is amazing but the only thing this game lacks is consistency. It crashes everytime you try to do anything outside the app - this deletes your progress. So if you need to answer a call or a text, be aware, you WILL lose your game due to the app crashing. I have an iPhone 6. Nothing has been fixed so far.

A perfect 10/10


(Minor spoiler in this review) A mobile game with perfectly simplistic controls that allow for real, genuine skill based gameplay, Downwell is no lesser game than even Shovel Knight or Undertale. As an aspiring game developer going to learn at the highest rated undergrad program in the world next year, 2210 SAT score, bla bla bla, I hope I can use any clout I have to say that this is a perfect game. I can genuinely think of no real flaws, nothing to change. Every single detail contributes to the structure and progression of the game. This game subverts everything that's wrong with the mobile gaming market. Minor Spoiler: Downwell is an endless runner with an extremely satisfying ending, and still manages to provide a better value proposition than any free, or even paid, endless runner. The best dollar you can spend on iPhone.



One more update guys this game is crazy good. New levels ect..