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Downwell is paid iOS app published by GHI Media, LLC

Game is amazing


This game is one of the most fun iOS games I’ve played. It’s sad to me that it looks like it’s no longer being developed. I would love more styles and gun types. Hope it gets an upgrade.

So good


Have the game on steam and love it, so it’s great to have a mobile version.

Must buy


This game is freaking awesome. Beat it already 6 times on normal but came close on hard. Shut up and buy it!



There’s just something addicting about going really fast and falling shooting and dodging things. It’s really fun and I play it everyday. I also don’t know if levels are randomized but every time I play it feels fresh and new, once you start you won’t stop...

iPhone X, iOS 11.x


I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SUPPORT FOR APPLE’S LATEST FLAGSHIP HANDSET, AS IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL IN ITS CURRENT STATE. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO ENJOY ONE OF MY FAVORITE TITLES ON THE PLATFORM SINCE UPGRADING MY DEVICE. Elegant simplicity and unexpected depth have rendered this title a near-permanent fixture on my device. This independent developer is definitely one to watch and support. Thanks for an awesome title that both (1) fits neatly into life's spare moments and (2) lends itself to extended play. Quite a feat!

Amazing game, no question.


So it’s been over a year since i purchased this game I think? Worth every penny. I’ve unlocked everything in the game now, and I’m still not bored of it. The game took me AGES to get good at, but it never feels unfair. Get this game. Please.

A dissenting voice


First, I’d rate this 3.5 stars if I could. I got some decent playtime out of it (a few hours), but mainly because I kept hoping the unlockables would eventually yield a more entertaining game. It’s still worthy of the stars I gave it because the graphics and sound and new idea (a downward platformer) are quite satisfying. Clearly, tho, I’m not the intended audience because most players seem to love it. My advice? If you’re an arcade shmup, platformer person, indulge; if not, proceed with caution.



This game is really hard, but it is super fun. Especially when you get the hang of it.

So good I bought it twice


This game definitely plays best with a controller, but it’s one of the few games I’ve played that translates really well to touch controls. Fun, fast paced, very replayable.

Worth buying


This game is a rouge like action platform type where your goal is to get to the bottom of a big well. You’re equipped with gun boots which act like hover boots that can kill most enemies. You can stomp on top of enemies highlighted in white to kill them, but not on enemies highlighted completely in red. On the way down you will find shops to spend the games currency, gems, on hp and ammo capacity (charges) for your gun boots. You will also find upgrades for your gun boots which change the way your boots fire. Landing on the ground or stomping on an enemy will reload your boots, but if you land on the ground you end any kill combo you had (which can reward you with gems charges and hp). After each stage you are allowed to choose from three passive upgrades for your character, like having enemies explode when you stomp on them, or gaining four hp. Gaining additional hp when you have full health contributes towards increasing your maximum hp. There are also unlockable game styles which change the way the game is played (such as finding more gun upgrades but less shops) and different palette unlocks which change the color theme of the game. This game very fun and fast paced, however there are a few issues I had with the game. Stomping on an enemy from an angle doesn’t always work, and most of the time it hurts you and kills the enemy at the same time, which makes you have to be really careful about the angle you try to approach an enemy to stomp on. There is also a wall jump feature that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, and sometimes happens when you aren’t trying to wall jump (to be fair it’s rarely happens but it’s annoying when it does). The controls are pretty good for a mobile app. There are only three buttons: left, right and jump. The jump button serves a multi-purpose, if you press is while in the air you shoot your boots, on the ground you just jump, and it lets you wall jump. The only problem I have with the controls is that the buttons, specifically left and right, are somewhat small and close together, so you will occasionally accidentally move to the right when you’re trying to move left, or vice-versa. Overall the controls are very good though, and rarely takes away from the experience. To make a long story short, this game is worth the money and very fun, despite a few issues that overall aren’t too bad.