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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Love the game, but…


No problems with controls, runs great in the state it’s in now (mid-2021), but any chance of getting Game Center achievements? The PS4 version where I first played this has them and it really gave the game that extra bit of replay value (not that it DOESNT, beating it alone is a challenge), but achievements is that extra little bit of go-to to keep me coming back. Please?

This is so good


So the very cool reference to the virtual boy is really cool

Love this game


Absolutely love this game. One huge request, even though it’d be a little squished, is landscape mode. It’d be way easier to play if I could hold the phone sideways.

Big hands make left/right movement terribly uncomfortable on iPad


Love Downwell, and the extra screen real estate of an iPad makes sense for it, but unfortunately there’s no way to reposition the buttons so they fit where your thumbs fall. If you have big hands, your only option is to keep them uncomfortably open to reach the left button, or not play at all. Basic customization would be super simple to implement and extremely appreciated.

Such a great game!


I fell in love with this game on Switch and got it immediately once I found out it was on the App Store. The game utilizes the extra vertical space of the iPhone screen perfectly and I can’t praise the game design enough. It does what I love to see in games, takes a simple concept/idea and creates a game around it. The very simple art direction and color palette make the colors and sprites pop and help you track everything going on when you’re falling at high speeds. Brilliant game!

Please add widescreen


Please add a horizontal view like on switch so I can play this with my Razer Kishi


get OOF'D

I love rouge-likes, and Downwell is AMAZING. Love the gameplay visuals and music! Fell in love so quickly! Well done! Chefs kiss on Devolver!!!

This game is garbage


This game is to hard and you have to restart the entire game when you die I wasted my money on this trash for no reason I hate it so much

Needs lore


I love this game but it needs secrets and achievements, and why not a shop of cosmetics for the character that way the game it’s more interesting

Good game, one ding


The game is great and I love that they finally added controller support but it seems the update is missing one key feature to make it a great gaming experience on iOS, and that’s cloud saves. Controller support and cloud saves should be a high priority for game developers on iOS and I have no idea why a developer wouldn’t take advantage of said features. At least they added controller support. Maybe the next update will have it?