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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Fresh and interesting. A few flaws.


At first, you might think, " Virtual buttons? 4 color palletes? Randomized levels? Why am I killing!?!" But then you start thinking; and that is my well! Or is it?? How can I survive? How do these things change? Where am I going?? Essentially, we have here a side-scrolling action game with power ups, stats, and score-that-matters (money). The controls are simple: dedicated areas of the screen for left and right movement, and an action button. If you enjoy a bit of abstraction to your mystery, and action is the thing to do, then you will enjoy the discovery and dexterity boosting rapid-tap controls and quick look visuals the Downwell offers. Only flaws is that, twice, my level up pallet unlocks didn't register or save. Oopz.

A good use of my iphone battery


addictive, fun, cant stop playing and will not stop! buy this game! takes skill but still amazing!


Andrew Aj111

Downwell is a simple game with a simple control scheme and a simple goal: Find out what's at the bottom of the well. After that however, the game starts throwing everything at you. It's a game that gives you everything you need to win but the amount of effort you put into it is the difference between success and failure. I've had the game for about two months and just reached the last floor of the game...Before dieing of course lol. It's retro, challenging and fun to play

I love this game but…


Every time I change apps, even if the game is paused, it crashes. My brand new iPhone 6S overheats when playing for 10+ minutes and the game lags whenever I get a notification.

Well Made, Few Problems


This here is simply a well made game. Beautiful minimalistic graphics, great soundtrack, hardly any bugs, glitches, or mistakes, just a well made game. Just don't exit the app mid-game (which I've had to do involuntarily several times) because it WILL crash and WILL NOT save your game. WELL WORTH THE THREE DOLLARS. BUY IT.

The epitome of perfect apps

Lucky the ducky

You will never, ever, ever come to a better app. Ever. Sorry if that opinion seems a little blindsided, but I've been playing this game for two months, and let me tell you, this is what apps should look like. Simple controls, randomly generated but beatable, and creative enemies and ideas. If you buy this game you WILL enjoy it.

Nearly Perfect


My only issue with this great game is that the controls are somewhat difficult and twitchy. Not only are they at the bottom of the screen (where you are heading), but the arrow keys are too close to each other. I constantly find myself moving the opposite direction intended when I'm caught in the game. The fire button is also too small for a quick use, and its placement makes it hard to reach at times. If the game could be played on a sideways orientation, it would deserve a 5-star rating.

Fun with a classic feel

Resident Elmo

Tight controls and fast paced. Highly recommend this game.

Great technical gameplay with some flawed mechanics


I am a fairly decent fan of Devolver, and when I saw that this game was on sale, I figured I would give it a shot, because Devolver does retro, skill-based games the best (Hotline Miami, Broforce, Enter The Gungeon). Thus far it's been pretty much worth while, with solid, fast-paced gameplay that requires you to rely on technical skills as opposed to just spamming buttons (like in a somewhat similar dungeon crawler, Punch Quest). The game mechanics work really well with the game, in that its mostly about time and combos, and since gravity is always pulling you down, it makes sense that landing on your enemies kills them. However, there are two problems that I have come across so far that have either made the game irritating or unplayable. The first and lesser of the problems has to do with the hitbox for landing on enemies. It seems like every time I am falling, and the enemy is a long distance to the left or right, but within reach, and I go to stomp them, clearly I can see myself on top of the enemy (on top and slightly to the side), but I get hurt like I've just walked into them. Then, if I land and then move directly over to an enemy on the ground next to me, while I am clearly just walking into them from the side and should be hurt, it registers as a stomp, and I kill them. The first part of this problem is really irritating (losing health when I feel that it was unjustified), while the second part just seems counterintuitive (if the first problem isn't fixed). The bigger problem I have faced is that fairly often the left movement button will cease to work, which is a game ending glitch. Firstly, in my opinion the controls are garbage (which is not good for a game where movement needs to be utterly precise), since they are too close together and are too small, plus they block the screen. If people from Devolver were to read this, I would suggest moving the fire button all the way to the right, and split the distance between the left of the fire button and the left edge of the screen for your movement buttons, effectively making their hitbox bigger, easier to hit. Next, I would keep the hitbox height the same, but I would make the visible arrow keys much shorter (five to ten pixels in height) and have them hug the bottom edge just so they take up less of the screen. Secondly, if you add onto that a sometimes non-functional left movement button (my guess is that it's either the touchscreen not registering my finger, or it's the 3D touch on my phone being stupid and thinking that when I'm pressing hard I'm trying to switch apps; regardless, it needs fixing), the game becomes unplayable and frustrating. In technical, skill-based games especially, any interruption in gameplay, glitch or otherwise is eternally frustrating, since it disrupts the flow of gameplay when you are fully invested. This will almost always result in huge mistakes in-game, which leads to the player failing the round or whatever. If they can fix those issues, it will be a great game.

Legitimate classic feel


I love this game. The way it plays, the difficulty, the music, everything. My only issue is the controls, it seems like the button overlay doesn't register presses on the bottom portion sometimes, which is pretty frustrating. Using iPhone 6s