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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

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Welcome to 80s goodness

A New Classic


Amazing game. I played this first on the iPad, which is has better play control than the iPhone. I later starting playing on Steam, which is by far the best way to play. The simple graphics, classic sounds, and fluid gameplay all come together to make a brilliant vertical scrolling shooter. Way to go Ojiro Fumoto!


Darth Jami

This is a fantastic game, and well worth the price. The controls are tight, the game always feels fresh, and the style is great. Random level generation means that every game is a different experience, so you can play it over and over without repetition. The progression is nice, though some more palates would be nice for a future update. It's definitely unforgiving, and a single mistap in hard mode can destroy a run. But all in all, it's a must-buy for whatever platform you have.

One of the best games for iOS!


After all the time I've spent on this game, I feel like it's earned its 5 stars. It is an incredibly addictive, arcade-style game with brilliant mechanics, and it is well worth the payment!


[email protected]$

Nothing amazing

Spectacular except for one bug....


This game is amazing. Looks great, plays smooth, and all-around fun & addicting gameplay that will make you say "Just one more...." This game is perfection except for one pesky bug. Sometimes, when a person calls me, Facetimes me or exit the app and go back to it, the sound turns off. I check settings and it says it's on. So, I keep switching in on and off, but sadly you need to close the game and open it back. I don't know what the problem is, I'm playing on a 1-month old, brand new iPhone 6S, so I don't know what's happening. Please solve this imperfection for an otherwise stellar game! You guys are amazing :)

Encourages Apple's bad habit


Besides being a clone of a droqen game (albeit with a different feel), this game triggers a game center notification that can't be turned off. Deleted. I won't buy or download anymore games by this developer.

Needs wall jump


Needs wall jump

Best 8-bit game in the Apple Store


This game is a very fun game, it has all the things I like. The 8-bit music, the art style, the enemies, the character and a lot more. I've been playing this game for days and can't get passed world 2 stage 1 it is a really challenging game. It was worth the 1.00$ 5 stars


Lightning quick 347

If you don't know already, this is a PC/ Mac to I phone port. I thought that the controls would be unresponsive and that the game would be riddled with micro transactions, (like most games including ports on the I phone) but it is literally just a perfect port from PC to I phone. And for $2.00 less. Amazing.This is the best thing that I have seen on the App Store for a long time. Quality might finally be returning to the App Store.??????????????????