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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Crashes after phone calls

Kiki Rickson

Great game, but it crashes after I get a phone call. Please fix this.

Does not work well on force touch devices


The left arrow often doesn’t work on my 7 but works fine on my SE. I believe force touch is responsible.

Update the game


Every time I press the home button and try to play it again, it crashes the game, and whatever progress I’ve gotten is deleted. It however is a great game, dispute that annoying bug

Fabulous Game!


Honestly, the game is exceptionally addictive. Its original, challenging, etc! Except I have a request: Level Select... Continues... starting back from the beginning every single time gets a bit tiresome! Even Supermeat Boy had a level select!!

Amazing pixel game


This is so far the best Pixel animated game I have ever gotten, I'm a iPad mini user so I'm not sure how it plays for others but for my device there is no lag and the controls are amazing even though there's only three, and the cool part is that there's so many frames you can unlock to make the graphics look even cooler.

Missing one thing


Gameplay is fast, satisfying, and downright addictive. This could have been one of the best games of all time, right up there with Wayward Souls, if it just had some kind of permanent progress. The current “endless” mode lacks any ultimate goal, and it’s frustrating to keep starting from the beginning. It’s a flawless arcade game, but not my style.

My favorite game on iPhone

October Stormy

This game is DOPE!!! Seriously, I have to really hate a game or app to leave a review. I don’t leave reviews if I like a game, I never keep them long. I’ve had an iPhone since the iPhone 2 was released, and as weird as it feels to say this, Downwell is my favorite game I have ever played on an iPhone. I loved games in the 80s, particularly Metroid which this game was obviously inspired by, so the style of this game is exactly what I’ve missed and wanted out of a pocket sized pick up and put down game. The music is perfect, the color theme is perfect, the characters and style is perfect, it’s simple, kinda loud in a fun way, medium to fast paced, funny, just the right amount of customization options, no overglossing..the game never feels like it breaks character, just all around hasn’t received the credit it deserves at all. If I were to add anything at all to it, it would be more side scrolling and just a longer game (even though for now the farthest I’ve gotten is level 3). This game will be staying on my phone permanently, it’s underpriced, the creators are underpaid, and I’m hopelessly looking forward to merch in the future. Also, no, I was not paid to leave this review. I hate writing reviews, I just finally found a truly good game.

An actual game


Couldn't recommend more. If you're looking for something to play when you're out and about but still want a challenge, this is the perfect blend. It's not stressfully difficult, but it's not easy either. You can tell there was a lot of love put into this game.

My favorite IOS game

Juliansito Lee

If you have any idea of what made games great in the 90s or what makes a perfect pick up and play, then you'll appreciate this game as it is meant to be!

CRITICAL bug rains on the parade :(


Downwell on Steam is in my Top 5 games of all-time. ?? It's a shame then that any time you switch away from this iPhone app and come back, you lose all of your progress. ??????? Your game will freeze up momentarily before quickly returning to the title screen. ??? Considering all of the text messages and emails that you get on your personal phone that require a response at a moment's notice, this is simply an unforgivable bug. ↘️⬇️↙️ ➡️?⬅️ ↗️⬆️↖️ I've had this game for months... at this point I don't ever expect a fix. ??? ??? ??? The developers simply threw this broken mess onto the App Store and walked away. ? ??? ??? This is such shameful behavior! ☝???‍♂️ *sigh* Unusable for now. ?? ??? Please fix this. ??