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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.



I love this game--I've played it up to getting the Mad palette twice. I was just on a really great run, and made it to the boss. Arm spin style, six full hearts, forty gun charges. Right as I shot the boss, the game crashed. I lost that entire run. The thousands of gems I collected that run were gone. This needs to be addressed.

Best Game on IOS


I never write reviews, but this game is worth it! I usually play a game for a week or two and then get bored. But months later I still find myself playing this game at least once or twice a day. The levels are always different and figuring out different strategies and enemy types is always a blast. I can only recommend this game to anyone and everyone. Worth every penny!

Fun but crashes on latest iOS


Whenever I get a message or a notification and the screen changes focus briefly, when I return to Downwell I have to restart from the beginning. I have an iPhone 5S and the latest iOS

A hecking good game.


Downwell is disturbingly addictive and fun to play. Only reason it's not a 5 star is because I tend to glitch where I'll take damage instead of the enemy if I come down at a slight angle. I'm still above them, but the game doesn't like angles. Also in handstand style, you still stomp on enemy's with your feet and shoot with your feet. It would be cool if everything was inverted in that style.

Downwell : is it 1988 again?


This game is obviously designed and produced by true fans of the classics from the arcade era. Combine all that is great about Donkey Kong, DigDug,Galaga,Joust,Space Invaders , Wizards of Zor, Defender , and definitely some Mario Bros. then wrap it in a slick , 8-bit API that results in a GUI which hardens back to the GB-1 ( there's even an option to change to the classic GameBoy palette as you proceed , as well as other 3 color choices! ) & you get one high quality yet thoroughly retro game. The thing that takes it further is all of those great aesthetics are combined w/ über slick and desirable game play that it is more difficult to put down as you proceed further. The reward system and shielded reward token milestone ledges give breaks , just like the cut scenes in PacMan or Galaga allowed you a few moments rest to head back out w/ a power-up and renewed vigor to take on the host of ever growing enemies. One of the most well conceived and playable games for iOS ever. I deem it an immediate classic and it is tough to do a better job in designing a great playing, wonderfully refreshing throwback that's still feels like a modern game. Plus, though it feels like you should, no quarters are needed. Scale of 1-10 with a ten being Defender or Donkey Kong ( up with the best games ever) and a 1 being Activision for Atari 2600 , this game sits solid at a 9.5. My gen spawned video arcade classics and my quarters helped bring the genre to life , thank you ; this feels like one from the mid 80s that got accidentally forgotten and has been rereleased on the iOS platform. How's that for a review? Yeah, it's that good. Well done, game designers. ??✌?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great game


Just make it so you can turn your phone sideways when playing for easier controls

Very fun


Very action packed and very enjoyable.

Needs optimization


I have Downwell on PS4 and really like it but the game just doesn't work on a phone. The "buttons" are super cramped and not really comfortable at all to play. Enemies that are border line unfair (looking at you bats) are downright cheap on a device where you have to look to see which input you are actually triggering. More thought should have been put into this than just a direct port...

Long time gamer first time all the way down

31 year old nerd

I downloaded Downwell two years ago when it came out and beat it for the FIRST time yesterday (the final boss is insane). Just to give you an idea of how insanely fun this game is, perfect combo of old school gaming and modern phone games. Amazing way to kill half an hour when you’re stuck somewhere. The controls are difficult but imho that’s a plus, reminds me of double dragon II where it feels like it takes actual thumb skills. Make more games please!!!

Good game no BS

The Evil Lamp

Seeing so many mobile games filled with micro transactions, it was a breath of fresh air to find a fun game that doesn't constantly pester you to spend money.