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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.



Do your self a favor and buy this game,awesome game,tons of fun,but you need a little skiil and fast reaction

So great...but crashes and frustrates me.


This game is incredibly addicting! So much fun to pass the time;'s unstable!! I will be playing and make it really far in the game but if I exit the app to check a text or answer a phone call, it gets overwhelmed and starts me all over. It shouldn't be that hard to come back to the app and start where I left off. What's the point of pausing the game if you can't come back to it. It's happened multiple times and because of this issue I am very tempted to never play again. Please fix!!!!

A Masterpiece


I read the reviews of Downwell before I bought it. And it didn't disappoint. It took months of playing before I finally beat it. And Hard Mode is still unconquered territory for me. Give this game a shot. It will not let you down.

Good game but lost progress


Yea its why i dont play anymore but good game still

Good BUT, a bit to HARD


Awesome BUT it's way to HARD! Your lucky if you can make it to the 4th level! PLEASE, PLEASE, have a level of difficulty to select from! And it would hands down be 5 STARS!

So good


If this looks appealing, you'll love it.

A true gamers twitchy heaven


A cool and simple game with the right amount of depth to all fit together in a perfect package on the mobile platform

One of the best games ever

Darron Koss

I love retro style games and I have played this every day since it has came out and I honestly love it please make more games like it or a second downwell

Inconsistent hit boxes.


It's a good game, but the terribly inconsistent hit boxes make it incredibly frustrating.

This is outstanding.


This game is like Mario on drugs, with gun on his sneakers. This plays amazing and it's not hard to learn. And it does save when you leave it as long as you don't shut the app down (Morons.) Anyway this is great. Go buy it. Why are you still reading this. go... Go buy it.