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Downwell is paid iOS app published by GHI Media, LLC

Great game! Needs Portrait Orientation


Super addicting game. I just wish I could play it holding my iPhone horizontally because my thumbs are big and I don't have enough room to use both when I hold my phone vertically. If portrait orientation was enabled for this app, I would give it 5 stars.



horrible. unable to play. uncontrolled chaos. control buttons are in the way. poorly designed. I want my money back.


Swag master disaster

Flipping awesome some thing the could add is another style like a glider

Believe the hype


I'm not big on arcade games, or old school games, or shmups, or 8-bit retro nostalgia. But this game is crazy fun. Pretty much perfect for an action time-killer.

Best I've played


Downwell is the best iOS game I've played. Probably the first time I've really enjoyed touch screen controls. Excellent gameplay and excellent controls. Worth every penny and more. Inspired me to write my first and maybe only review. Love it!!!

Frustrating controls


Frustrating controls


Pig ignition 36

This raises the bar for iOS games finally real gameplay and not some modern day tiger handheld crap. Can't stop playing and each play gets better. Bravo. Play it.

Update please

The gamer 123459

This is a five star game except for the lack of updates

Thrilling gameplay


By far the best controls of any touch device game I've ever played. I have played both the mobile and PC versions of this game, and both just shine. The concept is simple, the controls feel tight, and the experience overall is just fantastic. It might look simplistic at first, but I really can't recommend it more.



This game is honestly one of the best I phone games that I've played in a long time.