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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

My favourite game

Big fat motha'

I have three games on my iphone. Downwell, 2048, and Minecraft. Downwell is by far my favourite game because it’s color theme is perfect, it’s pacing is amazing, it has endless strategies, and it’s really difficult. I have had it for a few months and I’ve made it to the boss level like twenty times but I can’t beat it! The only thing I really need to complain about is that it crashes every time I leave the app and come back. Please please fix it. Other than that, amazing!

Fix This Devs

A Wayward Souls Player

One of the best games, ? But if you leave Downwell to do anything else on your device, (including swiping up for a moment to change your song) there is a very high chance Downwell will crash and you will lose your progress.


A Wayward Souls Player

Buy it, Use it, Break it, Fix it, Win it, Stop - Replay it!

Amazing game, but needs an update


I have an iPhone X and would much appreciate it if they would update their game to support the full screen of the X. Other than that, this game is amazingly addictive and tons of fun. Once support is added this game will get the 5 stars it deserves

Fullscreen support needed!


iPhone X fullscreen support please ????

Game is amazing


This game is one of the most fun iOS games I’ve played. It’s sad to me that it looks like it’s no longer being developed. I would love more styles and gun types. Hope it gets an upgrade.

So good


Have the game on steam and love it, so it’s great to have a mobile version.

Must buy


This game is freaking awesome. Beat it already 6 times on normal but came close on hard. Shut up and buy it!



There’s just something addicting about going really fast and falling shooting and dodging things. It’s really fun and I play it everyday. I also don’t know if levels are randomized but every time I play it feels fresh and new, once you start you won’t stop...

iPhone X, iOS 11.x


I WOULD LOVE TO SEE SUPPORT FOR APPLE’S LATEST FLAGSHIP HANDSET, AS IT IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTROL IN ITS CURRENT STATE. I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO ENJOY ONE OF MY FAVORITE TITLES ON THE PLATFORM SINCE UPGRADING MY DEVICE. Elegant simplicity and unexpected depth have rendered this title a near-permanent fixture on my device. This independent developer is definitely one to watch and support. Thanks for an awesome title that both (1) fits neatly into life's spare moments and (2) lends itself to extended play. Quite a feat!