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Downwell is paid iOS app published by Devolver Digital, Inc.

Amazing Experience


This is definitely one of my favorite games ever. The tight controls, great visual style, and interesting concept make this game a treat to play. The team behind this game definitely knows how to take an interesting concept, and do so much right with it. The gunboots, for example, are something you would never think would exist in anything, but they’re applied so well that you just forget about it. The controls work great on mobile, and I rarely go in a direction I don’t intend. All the explosions feel impactful, and it’s just great to sink a little bit into each play session whenever I want to play. It’s tough, but once you beat it, you’ll feel accomplished. You’ll never have the same experience every game, and it mixes up the game all the time. I’d recommend this game to everyone, and it’s definitely worth the $3 it is. (This isn’t a paid review, I just love this game).

Level editor plz


I game has amazing graphics, great gameplay and just amazing! But if they would add a “well editor” to make and share your “Wells” would be a great feature

Best iOS game I’ve ever played.


I’ve had this game for longer than I’ve ever kept any game downloaded for, probably all games on my iPhone combined for that matter. After years of playing I finally made it to the last boss. Not because it’s too hard, it’s not, it’s fair with its snappy and crisp, ultra responsive controls that make every mistake your fault and your fault alone. I’ve never play an iOS game that performed better and had 0 input lag like Downwell does. It’s genuinely designed to keep you playing and coming back to enjoy another round and attempt to find out what is at the bottom of the well, if anything at all. The upgrades don’t carry with you at death, you amass them every time you reach a new level/depth each run through. The color palette swap was a HUGE part in keeping me playing and engaged as the more colors you unlock, the more complex and varied the next one becomes. besides the incredible gameplay of course lol It rewards you for playing and doesn’t lock anything away behind progression that could hinder you in jumping down the well for the first time and beating the game. But I promise, you won’t. Seriously, you won’t lol it’s hard. But hard in an incredible way, not artificial to pad length. Only thing locked is visual perks that change the aesthetic and also different play styles. which can change gameplay dramatically if you want a new way to play or challenge to unravel. And the gunboots. I could talk about them forever. So many different kinds. Although my only advice or WANT would be for the devs to include a DLC pack of MORE gun variations in the future. The game is perfect the way it is but as an option to enhance and switch up a game I’ve played and sunk prolly 500-700 hours into over the years, I’d love MORE GUN MODS. I’d pay double maybe triple what i payed for the game originally for the option to load the game with even more crazy guns to find when descending down the well. It would give a boost of content and happiness to an already incredible game, and base of players that have been itching for an update to a game that they love so much. I even love the game so deeply it has become the only game I’ve ever bought cross-platform other than Stardew Valley and even ended up enjoying the game even more on my Switch. This is a mobile game at heart and it’s a mobile game that is worth $15-$20, hands down, it’s that good. I’ve never seen it priced above $3 dollars ever. I really think it’s one of the most underrated and under appreciated games of all time. And just one of the best games of all time for that matter. Stylized with incredible use of retro graphics with modern effects that give it a gorgeous look and feel, and controls so responsive I couldn’t believe that I had never noticed another game that matched its precision. I love this game, truly I do. I hope someone that’s on the fence on wether they wanna spend a couple bucks on a game on their iPhone reads this and is persuaded because it’s MORE than worth it for the price they’re asking. They’re Essentially giving it away for free if you ask me. I want Downwell to get more praise and more attention and more downloads for the fun it’s extended to me. It and it’s developers deserve so much more praise; it’s a simple concept flipped on its boots and man does it really pull off what a game is supposed to be at its core, fun. Extremely fun.

One-of-a-kind gem!


I have never had anything bad to say about this game. It keeps me coming back with the unlocks and characters, and gets my blood pumping with gems as I fly through the increasingly difficult levels. You really care about how much health you have and upgrades will truly help you stay alive in this action packed adventure. Starting above the well on the surface really tops things off. The one thing I would like to see change is iPhone X full screen support. It would let the player see much more of the screen with less finger in the way. To be honest if you never changed it I would still play everyday. It would be nice though! Fantastic game 5/5 *UPDATED REVIEW BELOW* Wow, this game hasn’t left my phone since I downloaded it. And that’s saying a lot because I get bored of games really quickly. You would think there’s not much to do, but that’s the beauty of it; you are perfecting the art of falling in a way that hasn’t been done before! Reaction time, patience, and a few minutes are the ingredients for a good time in Downwell. But there’s nothing stopping you from playing it like a slow paced Mario level! With the characters, upgrades, shop items, and pallete options, this game can be played in countless ways! Amazing!!!!!! Oh and the only thing I would have added has been added just recently! iPhone X support!

Excellent Game


I have a hard time spending money on a game that isn’t optimized for my phone, because I want the best experience that I can get out of it. That was basically my only reason to hold back on this title, but when I figured out that an update optimized it for the XS Max, I immediately wanted to try it out. So far, it hasn’t disappointed, and will probably stay on my phone as a game to play on the train or when I have absolutely nothing else to do.

Fast and fun!


Originally found this game because it was mentioned on an episode of game makers toolkit. Only feedback i have is that I wish I could put the buttons on the top of the screen. My thumbs are a bit in the way of what I want to see. Other than that, love it and have played for hours.

Fast and fun!


Originally found this game because it was mentioned on an episode of game makers toolkit. Only feedback i have is that I wish I could put the buttons on the top of the screen. My thumbs are a bit in the way of what I want to see. Other than that,live it and have played for hours.

Amazing game


This is an amazing game, I have spent a lot of time trying different tactics to survive and I have killed tons of hours with this. Theres just one problem... I would really like this game to adapt to the Iphone X and a bigger screen.

Game is amazing!

Will Moto

The game itself is flawless to me, But please fix the crashing. Whenever you leave Downwell via text, home screen, email, etc the game freezes and makes you restart.

Major Change Needed


The game is great. Nice colors, fun, a little challenging, all you need. Except one thing: it crashes a lot. I don’t know about anyone else’s phone, but I’ll be playing and a text or whatever will pop up. I’ll click on the text take like 6-10 seconds to reply and when I go back, it freezes and makes me restart. It is especially annoying because some texts are important and need to be replied to, but it’ll restart me when I’ve gotten really far into the game. I don’t know if you guys are still updating this game, but if you are, can you fix this?