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*iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 6 / iPad mini 2 / iPad 4 or later recommended.
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Games $2.99 GHI Media, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Downwell is a curious game about a young boy venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots to protect him. Make your way further and further down into the darkness filled with nasty creatures and mysterious secrets to collect the spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks. Step into precariously placed shops and buy some helpful items or level up between levels to battle well-dwelling monsters and uncover hidden caves filled with riches and relics. No two trips down the well are ever the same!

Simple, Responsive Controls - Designed for mobile from the ground up, Downwell is presented with intuitive and elegant controls that allow for action-packed gameplay using just three buttons.

The Amazing Gunboots - The fashionable and lethal Gunboots allow players to unleash a torrent of firepower on the nasty creatures dwelling in the well and slow your decent with each shot.

Unique Weapons & Items - Get different weapons, shop for peculiar items and obtain powerful upgrades that all stack and affect the way you play!

A New Adventure Every Time - Each level in Downwell is procedurally generated, so no two trips down the well are ever the same providing a fresh new adventure each time!

Music by Eirik Suhrke.
Sound Design by Joonas Turner.


Nitro Nebula

One of my all time favorite games ever and one of the few games I will buy over and over because of just how good it is. Devolver Digital really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Gameplay slows down on iPhone 11 Pro Max

I’ve played for years on smaller devices but one would think the faster processor in the 11 Pro Max would be no trouble for this game, but it slows to half speed just moments into playing. I will change this rating to a 5 once that issue is addressed - otherwise, BEST ARCADE STYLE GAME ON THE IPHONE!

Good game, poor Control

This game is very good, and I’m a fan of the console version. Unfortunately, on mobile is is MORE than hard to control, and I find myself losing lives when I shouldn’t have. The game plays fine, but I’m dying way to much do to poor controls, and occasionally I will jump on an enemy and still take damage.

Classic go to for a challenge

Just finished winning the game...which I’ve managed to do maybe a half dozen times at most over the course of 5 years or so. It never gets old. Definitely for gamers of a certain generation who like challenging, high sensitivity games. It’s a great combo of rogue like, bullet hell, platformer, and what used to be called “twitchy”. A modern day classic for sure.

Great Little Game

Love playing this in short bursts. Would love it come to Apple Tv

Great on PC

Have on steam and loved it. Thought it would be great on the phone but forgot that “touch” controls are nothing like gameboy buttons. I don’t understand how people play games like this on these phones. That said I don’t understand why I thought I would be able to play this game on this phone. Now I feel like an idiot. If you are like me and are constantly wanting to toss your iPhone into Mount Doom because your fingers never touch where you think they should then skip this, or buy it on something with buttons.

iPhone 11 Support
Matt Lundstrom

There are some major issues with multitouch support on iPhone 11 Pro Max, mainly the trigger has a 1 second delay when holding the direction keys. I’ll update my score when fixed. Thanks! Downwells the best game of all time. Hope this gets fixed.

8+, iOS 13.x

Elegant simplicity and unexpected depth have rendered this title a near-permanent fixture on my device. This independent developer is definitely one to watch and support. Thanks for an awesome title that both (1) fits neatly into life's spare moments and (2) lends itself to extended play. Quite a feat!

Fantastic mobile game

This game is great. It feels good, the upgrades are cool, and the graphics are really interesting. The game feels similar to titles like Risk of Rain, Enter the Gungeon, etc. Although I recently started playing, and haven’t gotten too far yet, I’m sure the game has tons of content.

Downwell DE

With downwell’s already tight screen and quick, short gameplay, I believe this may be the best version of downwell

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