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*iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 6 / iPad mini 2 / iPad 4 or later recommended.
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Games $2.99 GHI Media, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Downwell is a curious game about a young boy venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots to protect him. Make your way further and further down into the darkness filled with nasty creatures and mysterious secrets to collect the spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks. Step into precariously placed shops and buy some helpful items or level up between levels to battle well-dwelling monsters and uncover hidden caves filled with riches and relics. No two trips down the well are ever the same!

Simple, Responsive Controls - Designed for mobile from the ground up, Downwell is presented with intuitive and elegant controls that allow for action-packed gameplay using just three buttons.

The Amazing Gunboots - The fashionable and lethal Gunboots allow players to unleash a torrent of firepower on the nasty creatures dwelling in the well and slow your decent with each shot.

Unique Weapons & Items - Get different weapons, shop for peculiar items and obtain powerful upgrades that all stack and affect the way you play!

A New Adventure Every Time - Each level in Downwell is procedurally generated, so no two trips down the well are ever the same providing a fresh new adventure each time!

Music by Eirik Suhrke.
Sound Design by Joonas Turner.


Great game, but lags on my iPod at times

This game is so good I had to buy it on not only my Android phone, but my iPod touch and PC. Over all of the devices I have this game on I have spent several days playing it. This game has me hooked on jumping down the well, whether it be because I had to exit the app or because I died the last run. I love the fact that are several routes to take when playing the game. You can choose to either be really reckless and go for every enemy, or you can choose to be strategic and pick your battles. The upgrades also has you pick wisely, as the wrong combination can screw you over in the long run but also puts you at the mercy of the games rng even more. Sadly, while I wish to give a clean 5 like on Android and PC, I have to give it a 4, as it isn't properly optimized for an iPod touch 5th generation. Lag can kick in at any moment, either aiding you by slowing the game for a split second allowing you to reconsider a decision you made the second before hand, or it can aid in the game murdering you as it slows you down while your en route to kill an enemy, seemingly giving the enemy AI a split second to adjust its course to knock off a point of hp upon impact with you when the lag lets up. This is pretty evident in flying enemies (which are the bane of my existence without the lag, anyway.) Giving an optimization option for not only older iPads but also older iPod touches and older iPhones would probably fix this issue. Other than that, the iOS version of this game is pretty solid. Keep up the great work!!

Iphone X?

This is one of my favorite arcade game on the app store so far, I played it non stop on my iphone 7 and is a perfect time-killer, i just need thia game to be optimized for iphone X, a bigger screen would be just what I need to prevent those sick bird and floating Eyeballs to crush my streak. So please think about it, optimize it for Iphone X please!!

Excellent game but

There is no save feature. I work so hard to get to the next level then I loose them at the end of the day! This game. Has potential but it needs saves and save points and more to it and more adventure. But I dread having to start over every time! I started out giving three stars but I’m so disappointed that I loose my place and have to start over every time And building armor and power. You just end up loosing it. That’s horrible

solivagant m

Please fix the glitch that makes it so that I can’t leave the app during a game (even to answer a phone call) without the game freezing and losing my process. This is irritating because I usually only lose progress during my really good runs, as they go longer and have more of a chance of being interrupted.


I love this game a lot and play it in my free time, it’s progression system is great, it accommodates to your skill, so the better you get it takes around as long. Quick price of constructive criticism, I think you need to patch and fix the fork and knife upgrade, when you can use it you get healed a full heart

I Love This Indie Game

This game is addicting, it’s really easy to pick up and learn the game, it has a nice difficulty, fun and rewarding gameplay, a pretty good soundtrack that works really well with the gameplay, and an appealing art style. I recommend getting this game

Supernaturally awesome!

This game is amazing, you should get it, and that’s all you need to know.

5 stars if not for annoying button lock!

I would absolutely give Downwell 5 stars if it it worked perfectly. I can’t stop playing it, even though I can’t get past 2-2. I’m having a real annoying issue, and I don’t know if it’s due to the type of phone or what, because I’ve seen others having the same experience as me. There are often times when I can’t jump and move at the same time. One button works while the other does not until I tap them separately. Makes the game a lot harder than it already is. Hope there’s an explanation or it’s fixed at some point! It’s gotten worse lately, which is weird, and it’s rendering the game almost unplayable.

Update or sequel
Hold my coat

Sound doesn’t work anymore.

Needs Saving Capability! Please Update

This game is great very fun and smooth. Great fun upgrades. HOWEVER, there needs to be an option to save the game. It’s super discouraging to start over to the first level if you die. Honestly it makes me think twice of spending the money and to even continue playing. PLEASE UPDATE