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Doudizhu -Three people playing poker game

Landlords (doudizhu, referred to as DDZ) is the most popular poker game. "
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Games Free li bing iPhone, iPad, iPod

Classic single joy landlords, invite you to experience!
Free flow of stand-alone free to play, the perfect single, not networking, not traffic, anytime, anywhere can play!
Intelligent computer does not pit teammates, a comprehensive upgrade of artificial intelligence, will play with, do not have to worry about re pit!
Do not spend money, ready to play, won the gold, lost not buckle. No entrance fee, would like to play on the play!
A variety of props, I wish you a higher challenge points, get more gold. As soon as the emperor!
More points list, and other players than the one, who is higher than the points!
Everyone loves the landlords, the strongest stand-alone version of the year, fast to download!
Classic standalone joy doudizhu invite you to experience Free flow of single free! Play, perfect single, need not connected to the Internet, do not flow, can play anytime and anywhere Intelligent computer don't pit! Teammates comprehensive upgrade of artificial intelligence, will play with, don't worry be pit Don't have to spend money! At any time to play, win get gold, lost won't clasp.No entrance fee, want to play will play A variety of props! I wish, you a challenge to the higher points and get more gold COINS.As soon as possible become emperor More points list, compare with! The other players, who score higher Everyone loves Dou! Landlord annual, strongest stand-alone version, quick to download!


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