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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC



It’s funny that DD never prompts you to rate the app when they’re putting you through a dry streak in an attempt to force you to purchase credits. I will never buy credits for an online casino! And to try to force me to do so by giving out extremely low daily bonuses day after day is manipulation. I can close the app and spend my time playing other free games, thank you.




I want to love this app


This app is horrible. I want to like it. I really do..... BUt the payouts are atrocious, and honestly the app is not fun at all because of the horrible pays. Sure they games are the same, but if I wanted to have meager wins I would head to the real casino and at least enjoy the trip. It’s an app that just begs for micropays. Not my gig.


george w m

Been playing for years. I enjoy my games every day.



Used to love this game but since they have removed the tournaments, it’s one of my least favorites. Hopefully they will wake up and bring them back.

Grumpy gramma

grumpey grandpa

First time very dispointed had up to 500 rase bet lost in les than a minute not much of choices

D&D adhere Supply

DD Barber

Really nice and realistic game... cells like I’m at the river boat.

Rabbit hole from hell

Hula skinny

By far, no competition, the most realistic & entertaining online casino game I’ve played but what an incredible rip-off. On the bi-annual occasion I win more than pity points I screen grab the fleeing image so I don’t completely forget what a winning round looks like. Actual Vegas casinos are far loser.

Great time


Very enjoyable playing almost like being at the casino

Happened again today may 8 lost 250 and 200.000 on pop ups

D s Burke

I got another pop up for free play for 1000 today since I have spent so much money buying was up grated to blue diamond club swipes on pop up Did not get anything !!!fix this same thing yesterday. Happens again for last 2days!!!!!!got 2 pop ups for 200 each swiped the message and all that comes up is for me to buy more!!!!!getting veryrated?fix this from hapening any more I hav spent too much money to no get free creadits!!!!!!!!!!!!i. I'm so angry about loosing all the free pop up credits today it has happened 6times In the last week this is redicules Fix it or nor more money for you!!!!!!!!!!