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DoubleDown Casino Slots Games is free iOS app published by Double Down Interactive LLC

This guy

lost again big surprise

I’ve been playing this game on my pc and my phone for years. Some of the games are really cool, great graphics. The only formidable problem is that you just can’t win. I mean you might win but the program will take it right back. Maybe you could also make your chips a realistic price. I just can’t justify spending real money knowing that your program will just take it back. You want so much cash for your chips but you don’t pay cash if by some act of God I could actually win. I guess in all actuality it’s not a real game, it’s just a computer program written to make the developers money. It’s hard to understand how you can legally manipulate your program to screw people out of their money. I guess you just don’t care about the law or the people who play your game!! So the best advice is to not buy chips and after you realize what a rip-off this site is. Simply complain to Facebook and the attorney general and better business bureau in your state!!

Happy player


I feel that the amount of points or chips they give a to far & between games & you’re a little discouraged due to not enough time or chips to carry you over.



It’s a lousy app that always plays way too rough. I’ve won money on real casinos and this is nothing like it

Favorite Game


This is my favorite game, I only wish they gave more opportunities to get free chips.

BIGG dad

bigg dad

It’s ok but bids are too high

Fun enough !


It’s a casino game... how much different can they be?

Not right


I had at one time 20 million dollars.Increased my bet to 200 thousand. Kept losing, no big deal but once got to 6 million A screen came on offering 3million dollars for 3 dollars. I disregarded it. Next thing I know I’m down to 238000 dollars w/o playing after that screen came on. That’s not right. Haven’t played since and probably won’t for awhile. That’s really poor gamesmanship on their part. It’s never happen to me on all the other slot games I’ve played. Check my screen, May 6th, Saturday.



Needs update for iPhone X

Texas tea

kydi omite

Very nice



Saved my paltry free coins for days. Only to have 40 spins and all yielded ZERO. Hysterical. This app has some of the best slots, but has the WORST free coin bonus, the WORST payouts (aka, zero), and must have the worst reputation, too. Rigged more than actual casino machines. Please don’t spend your real money on pretend coins. It’s a big ol’ rip-off. Maybe try “Lucky Win Slots”, “Slots Fortune”, or “Heart of Diamonds”. The games are sorta silly plays on real casino games, so are kinda boring, BUT free coins are given hourly and you can actually win enough to play all the time using free coins only (but the drawback is a boatload of ads!)